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Hi. I've come across some old cameras from an auction. One is a No 2 Brownie, with a small plate that says made in Canada by the Canadian Kodak Co. Ltd. One side of the the spool rewinder inside sems to be damaged. The last patent date on it is 1916. There is also a Hawkeye(metal winder) and a Brownie Holiday Flash. The flash unit on this last one is split. Again, it says on the front Made in Canada by Canadian Kodak Co. Limited. If anyone is interested in these just let me know. p.s. Does anyone know anything about a Warwick camera?

-- Tom McMillan (, March 29, 1999


I am very interested in the camera you are selling if you could please email me the price you are asking for them I would love to hear from you. Allison Forsyth

-- Allison Forsyth (, January 08, 2001.

Re:Warwick camera

Hello Tom. I am a camera collector from Sydney Australia. The Warwick camera is a simple box camera made in Brimingham, England. The camera comes in browne leatherette. It takes standard 120 film.I have only ever seen one of these cameras on my travels in a collection.

-- damien liew (, July 26, 1999.

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