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Is an AVID MCXpress for NT system compatible with a Targa DV2000 card? I desire to take DV in and return DV out, but am unsure if the Targa DV2000 DTX/RTX will be compatible with my MCXpress system. Are there compatibility issues of which I should be aware??

Thanks for the help!

-- Ben Johnson (, March 31, 1999


I used to work for a local cable channel in the UK and they ran 2 suites with the RTX card and MCXpress about 3 years ago. The system was a bit buggy to start with (we were all new to PC Avids), but this was due to bad housekeeping on the media drives. I seem to remember that the user needed NT Admin rights for some reason, but it worked very well in the end. I didn't spend much time on the video signal timing with the gallery, as it seemed to work fine, but at least it could be done if needed! The system was designed by Metro. I'm sure they're on the web somewhere! I also recall that we needed an audio desk to do some line level tweaking on the inputs. All the best!

-- Iain McIntosh (, November 26, 2001.

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