Future Foods is a good place to buy inexpensive storage food.

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Mentioning Future Foods in a previous thread made me realize that many people who frequent this site may not have seen my endorsement of the most inexpensive (edible) food storage I've ever seen. I've tried it, and it tastes just fine. (I am merely a satisfied customer, and get no benefit from this unsolicited testimonial.) The only item they have, as far as I know, is a rice/soy casserole in either chicken or beef flavor. One package makes six generous servings, and there are some seasonings and tiny bits of vegetables in it. (I really think it needs salt, but surely you will have stored that.) Even if you buy the smallest quantity ($125 worth), it costs only 58 cents per serving. If you buy $3500 worth, say for a community preparedness group, it's only 49 cents per meal. For more info, call Future Foods at (612) 504-2930. I received my order within days.

-- Pearlie Sweetcake (storestuff@home.now), April 01, 1999


Pearlie, have you seen Lumen Foods at soybean.com? A bucket of one of their Y2K complete dinners works out at 30c/serving. I don't know how the nutritional breakdown and serving size compare, but you could check it out.

Critt was here today and I gave him some Lumen jerky (hot pastrami flavor). He thought it was pretty good! I also gave him some plain beef fillet and chicken bits to try. (Soybean look-alikes, of course.) Have ordered from these people for years, believe their current delivery time is 3-4 weeks. Puddintame, I shall have to get a few samples together for you too. Sorry I forgot to bring some with me.

-- Old Git (anon@spamproblems.com), April 01, 1999.

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