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This is from Microsoft's Web site. It might help convince your boss at a small business to check PC's for Y2K compliance:


The Five Layers of the Year 2000 PC Issue

An at-a-glance view of the problems and solutions for each layer

By Karl W. Feilder

The Year 2000 PC challenge is most manageable when the skills of IT service providers are combined with existing tools to resolve it. In addition, the most important thing to understand about the problem is that it occurs across all five layers of the PC.

1. BIOS (hardware)

2. Operating system

3. Software programs

4. User data

5. Data sharing

Each layer is affected by the Year 2000 PC problem, which increases in complexity as it progresses from 1 to 5. So the BIOS (hardware) layer is more quickly and easily resolved than the data sharing layer. In addition, each layer affects the others and none can be treated in isolation. The best Year 2000 PC tools are those that address all layers of the problem.


See the link for more information about the five points.

-- Kevin (, April 03, 1999


Also see the article at this link:,4153,1014262,00.html

"Microsoft readies Y2K update for Windows 95"

-- Kevin (, April 03, 1999.

The British standards for y2k remediation are the highest. The British government just finished a survey of over 30 y2k-fixing products. Only 4 met the British standards. You may want to ask Mr. Feilder for a copy of that survey, since I understand that his own company was not one of those 4.

-- b (b@b.b), April 03, 1999.

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