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I heard once upon a time that keeping batteries (AA, C, D and the like) in the refigerator was best for shelf life. Was that an old wives tale? If so what is the best storage method for keeping batteries. Thanks folks.

-- Ramp Rat (Aviation_R_us@noname.nocity), April 04, 1999



I store piles of AA for use in flash equipment. The refrig. system has served me well over the last 15y. Perhaps, there is a better way. We will have to wait and see what the answers give u

-- Z1X4Y7 (, April 04, 1999.

Ramp, Buy some rechargeable batteries and a solar charger. Available (still) in lots of places.

-- Ivan (, April 04, 1999.


The idea of rechargeable batteries and a solar charger is good, but make sure what the voltage/drain requirement is for your equipment. Most of the rechargeable batteries don't match requirements for a lot of equipme

-- ZiX4Y7 (, April 04, 1999.

Storage in a refrigerator slows down the chemical processes in the battery that limit its shelf life, thus extending the shelflife somewhat. Conversely, storage in a warm location, such as next to a heater, or in a place that receives direct sunlight, heats the battery, and makes the chemical process proceed a little faster. The battery "runs down" faster than it would if it were stored in a cooler place.

All batteries, alkaline or rechargable, should be stored in a cool, dry place. Rechargables should not be overcharged.

If you follow these two simple rules, you will get the most out of your batteries.

Good Luck.

-- LP (, April 04, 1999.

Also they should be put in ziploc bags. I understand they can be put in freezer for even greater life.

-- Y2Dave (NotBad@all.luv), April 04, 1999.

I keep my batteries in the refrig. However, Consumer Reports is about 3 or 4 years into a test comparing batteries stored at room temp w/those stored in the refrig. So far, no difference. Does anyone have an update on that test?

-- Daryl Bittner (, April 05, 1999.

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