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For what it's worth, shelf life of Spam 60 to 96 months? Hay I trust Mr. Hormel. Sliced thin with tomato, or thick with grits & eggs. Beats MRE's any day!

-- Fry it (, April 05, 1999


I've found the wal-mart stuff is better in taste and only costs a dollar a can. IMHO

-- nine (, April 05, 1999.

What is shelf life for Wal-Mart ?meat product.

-- Fry it (, April 05, 1999.

There is no expiration date on the can, but for that matter the Hormel product has no date either.

-- nine (, April 05, 1999.

According to Storag e Life of Groceries at lists Hormel canned food (Meats, Dinty Moore, Spam, Ham Chunks, Chili, Dried Beef) shelf life as having their packaged dates usually on the bottom of the can in the form xMMDDY. The (steel) can of Hormel Tamales I just opened has "S11078".

Note that (a) their excellent SPAM Luncheon Meat is packed in aluminum cans, and (b) my nym refers to unsolicited commercial e-mail, not to the fine Hormel product.

-- No Spam Please (, April 05, 1999.

That was supposed to have been "...shelf life as indefinite and as having their packaged dates ..."

-- No Spam Please (, April 05, 1999.

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