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Does anyone have any experience with syncing sound using a PC editing system? We plan on using a separate DAT recorder for some of our shots and are wondering about how that will affect the editing process. We are shooting with the Canon XL1. Also, does the DAT need to have timecode? Any knowledge on this topic is greatly apprecitated.

-- J. Prohaska (, April 12, 1999


Hello! I found the ultimate answer in sync video and audio with semipro gear. I use a lanc controllable vcr or camera (with dv in enabled / or a dhr 1000) and a harddisc-recording system, which is equipped with a sync-system, consisting of a TripleDat card (optical/coaxial digital in/out, and analog in/out) and another card with video-input (only for video-sync-pulses-in) and lanc-in/out. That sounds very complicated, but is very easy to use, after installation. So you will need: a lanc controllable vcr pc equipped with TripleDat-card and lanc/videosync-card and sound- software (all three things are from AX-SYSTEMS, a little company in germany) maybe a DAT-RECORDER if you use the digital I/O of triple-dat AX-SYSTEM costs about 3700 deutsch marks. For any questions, e-mail me.


-- roland neumann (, July 02, 1999.

Syncing the sound will make editing take longer. It greatly depends on the editing system you are using. first off, when filming it is important to have a slate(duh). at the beginning of each take you show the slate and make sure that you can see the actual clapping of it. Also write down the times for each take(DAT will have a digital counter that tell you the precise time of recording)in a notebook, this this will save you the most time as you won't have to sit and listen through all of the DAT tapes to get to the take you want.If you have a system where you can connect standard rca cables(ATI all in wonder, pinnacle dv500)to there isn't much problem at all. all you have to do is when uploading the footage to your computer via the firewire remember to keep the footage with the slate. upload the sound from the DAT. sync the claping of the slate with the sound of the slate clapping and the following footage will be insync. (this can be done with almost all editing programs from videostudio to final cut pro. Then save the clip with DAT sound added. now you can edit it freely and the sound will be sync up. another method is to record the sound to video or dv tape. then you can transfer it to your system. It is recommended that you sync the footage and sound then save before you edit as this will insure the most accurate dubbing. unless you want to have the kong fu movie effect. as for the timecode the DAT's timecode and the miniDV tapes timecode are independant of each other. typically the time listed on the DAT will start over everytime you change the power to it. while the camera actually stores it on tape.

-- John Riggs (, April 14, 2001.

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