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Does anyone know of the quality of the Firewire card that comes standard on Sony Vaio and some Compaq computers? Is it comparable to a $500 or $600 add-on card (such as Bravado) and since it comes with Firwire built in is the system more stable and less likely to crash? Any info appreciated m

-- Mark Fradl (, April 12, 1999


Hey, I have the Sony VAIO 302DS and it's working great. The quality of the images are not an issue with firewire. What I mean is that the quality I get with my Sony IEEE card is the same as my friend's IEEE motoDVstudio card. The diferance is the software. The sony has all the basic stuff the MotoDV has except the Premiere Plug-ins. What I mean is things like Print to DV from the timeline letting you break the 2Gig limit. Sony does have software that will allow you to truncate files together seamlessly so it's sort of a work around. Anyways hope this helps:-)

-- Sam King (, April 29, 1999.

I just purchased a Vaio pcv-rx580 and I like to know if this system is a solid system to edit video? Any bad encounters i should be aware of?

-- ralph (, February 23, 2002.

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