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I'm just starting with Polaroid Transfers and have recently received my Daylab II with 3x4 base. The trouble is that the instructions for loading the integrated film holder were missing. The supplier is following this up with Polaroid, but meanwhile I'm stuck. (I don't want to ruin my equipment, or accidentally expose the film).

Is it possible to provide a basic set of instructions here while I wait for the paper instructions to arrive (including any major watchpoints!)?

[I'm on the other side of the world in SE Asia, and I have no local supplier to visit in person.]

I'll understand if this isn't a feasible request.

Regards, Mark

-- Mark Wilson (, April 13, 1999


Well, with some offline help (thanks Charles) I've succeeded with the above.

For anyone else who finds themsleves in the same predicament, here are the abbreviated steps.

1) load the film with the plastic window (applies to Type 669 film packs) uppermost. (it does not fit any other way).

2) ensure the black leader tab is threaded through the rollers before closing the base film holder

3) pull the tab though completely so that the protective black paper is separated from the white tab which should appear through the holder slot

4) exposure can now be made (after opening the dark slide/focussing panel)

5) pull the white tab straight out horizontally until a second wider tab appears.

6) pull the second tab in a horizontal direction until the film is expelled, and another small white tab should appear ready for the next exposure.

(Note that there may be all sorts of omissions and inaccuracies in the above instructions - they came from my own discoveries and not from any Polaroid documentation - follow at your own risk).

Good luck

-- Mark Wilson (, April 23, 1999.

If you're located in the US (and I guess Canada), you can call Polaroid directly and get technical support (such as your question or questions about problems with a Polaroid product). They're listed in the 800 (sorry but I don't have the number).

-- Stuart Goldstein (, April 23, 1999.

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