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I'm building a desktop NLE system and hoping the computer can double as my personal home system to allow me to get on the net, do office type applications and occasional games.

Should I get a Mac or a PC?

-- Frank Ishizaki (, April 13, 1999


Frank, I've been round and round on the same question and have finally decided on Mac b/c I already own a biege G3 300 w/ 128 memory and didn't want to go out and buy a whole new "dedicated" system. That meant creating two computers, one for everyday processing, the other for video. I called Promax and they're going to partition my drive so I can boot-up the video drives without messing with the everyday stuff. I'm also getting mega gigs of extra hardrive. I'm going with Media 100 LE on the advice of a professional I trust and will continue to build the sytem from there.

Good Luck to you, Phil

-- Phil Gray (, April 16, 1999.

MAC! Best editing computer system! Never freezes, crashes, PERFECT!

-- Dick Clark (, July 26, 2002.

What every you use you gotta like it. Unix PC MAC if the stuff didnt work youd hear a lot of shouting so use the computer you know well and configure to that. the Are a lot of PC and Mac Nutz that say there is only one final solution Every flavor works find dont worry about it Unless you have a budget,

-- Mike Princeton (Mike@Princeton.TV), September 05, 2004.

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