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Setting up our environment which is comprised of Mac's, PC's and Sun workstations. Having trouble generating a print file from quark. File is generated by printing to file then copying file to input queue of rip. Have not installed PC Maclan as yet. Get an error during preview of Postershop. Any suggestions in how we should generate a PS or EPS file from quark. Using PPD for Phoenix 360e printer supplied on Onyx CD. Generating a PS file of open window worked fine.

-- Anonymous, April 15, 1999


With the latest re-master or PosterShop 4.5, the CD has a MacIntosh volume on it. If you put the CD in a Mac CDROM drive, you will see the volume and its contents. One of the folders on this volume has a Quark Printer Description file which is to be selected within Quark. Also, we have released additional Quark PPD's to be used specifically on the Mac with Quark. If you don't have these on your current CD, please contact ONYX technical support at (801)568-9900 to get a copy. Once all these files are correctly installed, you should generate a PS file by printing directly to the LaserWriter print driver through the appropriate PPD file for your printer. You must have some sort of Mac to PC connection in order to preserve and filter the correct output to be sent to our RIP. Files created on the Mac are usually made up of two forks: a data fork and a resource fork. If the incorrect fork is being copied to the PC, you will have problems. Also, translation of special characters within a Mac created file could be causing problems when transferred to the PC.

-- Anonymous, July 08, 1999

check the postscript file by using acrobat distiller view with acrobat exactly as it will print if you get an error doing this then your problem may be quark4 or something in your document..distiller is lovely to have around...always correct first time after viewing with acrobat...

-- Anonymous, January 18, 2000

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