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Is the video capture card in Sony Vaio capable of producing a good video with VX1000? Will it output MPEG1 or 2 without rendering ? How about AVI...does it have to be rendered? Quicktime?

-- Ernest Tetrault (, April 17, 1999


I have a VAIO 302DS got it at for $999.00. It works great for editing with my TRV900. The only problem is I can't play from the timeline in Premiere. It comes with Premiere 4.2LE and can be upgraded to 5.1 for $199. I wish someone would write a print to video plug-in for the Sony. Other than that it's very stable. It does transcode to MPEG-1 faster than other encoders. Also sony's codec plays very nicely and fluent. Id love it even more if someone would write a print to DV plug in for it. Good luck:-)

-- Sam King (, April 29, 1999.

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