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Thanks to all those who responded.The six ducklings survived last night on a diet of sloppy breadcrumbs,cereal & water.They give a whole new meaning to the song Chirpy,Chirpy,Chi,Chi.

Not content to stay in their box,I found them all over the floor this morning & they were kind enough to leave little momentos. The animal ambulance came & took them to a wildlife rescue centre about an hour ago so I guess they will survive to be shot by someone else next year.

Here in the UK,the Aylesbury Duck is the preferred choice for eating .I prefer the "almost wingless" Chinese Running Ducks because they are so funny.Incidentally,I read a report some months ago that anti-coccidosis feed was going to be banned because of the antibiotic buildup in a bird's flesh.

-- Chris (, April 20, 1999


Hi Chris, Glad all made it through the night. I am curious, why did you say the animal ambulance was expensive? Do they charge you to come pick up lost/hurt animals? Here in the USA, we have "humane society" facilities that have to do their own fundraising, but I don't think they bill the person who finds the wild or stray animal. Thanks!

-- Wallflower (, April 20, 1999.

If they ban anti-coccidosis feed and water treatments, they will effectively end shipping of baby chicks. Just a plain fact from a guy who has seen droopy chicks wake right up a couple hours after a dose of sulfa treated water.

-- Paul Davis (, April 20, 1999.

No,the animal ambulance didn't cost me a penny.However it came from about 20 miles away with a driver so it cost somebody some money.I guess my comment about the expense was sour grapes.Here in the UK the men in grey suits,insisting on value for money,have made swinging cuts on the care of valuable collections in libraries & museums.Books etc are literally crumbling & it makes me real mad.

-- Chris (, April 20, 1999.

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