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I'm currently a sophmore in college and have recently become interested in sports psychology. I haven't declarded a major yet and I was curious if I should major in psychology first and then minor in some sort of sports degree. I really have little guidance as to what classes I should take for sports psychology and I would appreciate any help that you could give.

-- Matthew J. Pierce (, April 25, 1999


Hi Matt. I am a senior graduating from Franklin College in Indiana. I have recently been accepted into a graduate program in sports psychology at Ball State University and can answer some of your questions. I have found through investigation and conversation with faculty members of various programs that you can take a few different routs. I am a psychology major with a PE minor. In general, most universities would prefer that you have some academic experience in both. The more classes you take in either area, the stronger your chances are of entering a quality graduate program. I would also suggest that you contact some faculty members of graduate institutions and see what they prefer. Also, if you do not have the Directory of Graduate Programs in Applied Sport Psychology (Human Kinetics publishing), get it. It has been my bible for information regarding graduate school and my direction in sports psych. Email me if you have some more specific questions. I would be more than glad to help someone who situation I was in only two years ago.

-- Jamie Johnson (, April 26, 1999.

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