Which bread machine is best?

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I'm looking for a bread machine which draws the least amount of current in the mixing and kneading before it starts baking. That way I can use my batteries for the labor intensive part and then bake the bread in our propane gas oven.

-- bread man (clueless@seattle.com), April 26, 1999


I'll assume you do not have a genset which you use to charge up but a set of PV panels charging the battery bank?

Instead of getting a bread machine just for mixing and kneading, how about a nice subtantial KitchenAid home style (looks like a Sunbeam on steriods) mixer with dough hook and do a better job of it?

-- Ken Seger (kenseger@earthlink.net), April 26, 1999.

I have the DAK Turbo 5 and it has two cycles. Normal from start to finish is 4 hrs. Put it on turbo and start to finish is 2 hrs. Don't know if this helps or not.


-- Taz (Tassie @aol.com), April 26, 1999.

Why not the old "Armstrong" brand? Good for taking out frustrations! The more you pound, the softer the bread :)

-- winna (??@??.com), April 26, 1999.

Don't know whether this helps,but because of the baking time & huge numbers of loaves I would have to make each week,I've decided not to make oven bread.I'm no cook but there are lots of unleaven,cooked bread recipes on the net.All you need is a burner & a skillet !No need to worry either but getting the dough to rise,either !!If your intersted I'll dig up a few sites.

-- Chris (griffen@globalnet.co.uk), April 26, 1999.

bread man aka cluelss,

I'm impressed that your level of prep has reached the point that you can consider using a bread machine for something as basic and manually do able as kneeding bread. Awesome! (I'm also jealous as hell.) I'm still hoping to get far enough along that I'd have a realiable method of baking bread without electricity. Thats why I'm leaning more toward making pasta - boiling water and heating sauce are easier open fire tasks. Emergencies of day to day life keep setting my prep back - I'm now where I wanted to be six months ago...

Congrats on your headway and good luck jh

-- john hebert (jt_hebert@hotmail.com), April 26, 1999.

Sorry about the spelling mistakes.Its all due to the excitement of having a new fax internet modem installed an hour ago !!

-- Chris (griffen@globalnet.co.uk), April 26, 1999.

A KitchenAid mixer does the mixing/kneading job better than the only bread machine I ever had. Don't know about its current draw, but the mixer has lasted 20 times as long as the bread machine without needing repair.

-- No Spam Please (No_Spam_Please@anon_ymous.com), April 26, 1999.

I plan on kneading my bread by hand and baking it in my $40 Coleman oven on top of my camping stove. We will have bread, toast and rolls as long as my supply of fuel holds out. I have 6 mo. worth right now. We plan on enjoying some nice sourdough rye from time to time as well as cinnamon rolls and coffee cake. We will eat well. No freeze-dried stuff for our family.

-- Homeschooling Grandma (Donna@glennet.com), April 27, 1999.

Check back into the site, I think it was here . Bread that you just mix and bake.

-- Bread (M@N.COM), April 27, 1999.

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