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A repost of the Archive with the Food Storage and Preserving section below. Good luck all

Year 2000 Preparation Archive

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Food Storage and Preserving

Egg Preservative
But the price was right, and if it works, I will have fresh eggs after y2k. The amount needed to treat 40 doz. eggs cost around $25.00. Ordered it from: www.happyhovel.com

Canned bread
If this works, and I don't see why it wouldn't, then other quick breads should be good candidates. Does anyone have any experience canning quick breads?

Food Drying Basics
Anyone can dry food at home at low cost. Dried fruits, vegetables and meats retain vitamins and minerals, take up comparatively little space, and should be part of your Y2K food storage program.

Propane Refrigerators
Someone in my homeschool group needs to find one to keep medications forher daughter. Any info about manufacturers and suppliers would be helpful.

GSA Website Indirectly Recommends 1 Month of Water and 2 Weeks of Food and Cash
I think the GSA posting is vital to the GI's interested in community preparation. This is a GSA website, not merely a link. So, in my book, it has the imprimatur of official advice.

What makes a bucket food grade?
I realize this must have been addressed here before, but I have spent hours in the archives and cannot find what I am looking for.

Anybody have any good "Food Storage without Refrigeration" links?
Anybody have any good "Food Storage without Refrigeration" links?

How long will rice/beans and other dry goods last?
I am sure this has probably been discussed before, but for us relative newbys-- how long will an unopened bag (25#) of rice last?

Dehydator or canning?
Please advise: dehydrator or canning? I have looked at both and can't decide!

Next Big Question: Dehydrators
We are toying with getting a dehydrator but wonder whether it is worth the effort (and, more, the electricity).

Where do I get oxygen absorbers
and why. Thanks to all that answered the Bulk Food question.

USDA site: Canning, etc.
USDA - canning, meat preservation, water storage, how to info on food storage, pressure cookers and more (haven't read all of it yet).

Help on Pressure Canner?
We have heard about some super-duper French pressure canner. Anyone know what I'm asking about? Would welcome other suggestions too

Leslie--Oven canning info
Leslie---In answer to your question, I got the info from my mother in law in passing the other day.(while she was canning flour in the oven).

All American Pressure Canner arrived today!
This thing is an American Work of Art. It is machined aluminum..beautiful. There is no rubber ring, as the lid and bottom fit together so well.

Root Cellars
Does anyone know where I can get good info on building a rootcellar? I did several searches with poor results.

Dry ice & generators
Where does one get dry ice for oxygen displacement in food packaging?

Need a recipe for dried beef.
I am interested in finding a recipe for the thin dried beef Armour used to sell in the small jars. I am notplanning to stock much meat, but would like to try making this beef.

How does 'shelf stable' work
Does anyone know how them make prepared meats 'shelf stable.'? All of the packages have the same ingredients as regulare prepared meats that need to be refridgerated.

does anyone know where I can get some moisture absorber pellets?
I have seen some discussion about burying food, which I think is a great idea, but I would like to put some moisture absorbant material in with the food so it won't mold.

How can you know if a container is air-tight?
I recently found a bounty of 1 and 2 quart plastic containers with screw on lids for $1 a piece. I have oxygen aborbers.

TV DEVICE " FOOD SAVER " Looks like a worthwhile device to.....
While watching late nite TV happened to watch the show concerning a "Food Saver " . It vacuums out the air to save food items and seal bottles without the canning process.

Refridgeration problem solved!
I ran across a dream come true in Wal-Mart tonight. Thermoelectric coolers! Their a 40 qt. DC electric cooler. They cool the air 40 degrees cooler than the external air temperature.

How do I freeze dry food
How do I freeze dry food...? My local supermarket is selling 10 pound turkey's for 3.99. Would like to buy 10 and cook them.. then freezedry the meat.. and have lots of yummy turkey to eat..

What foods to freeze dry?
But I'm thinking, you know, now that I have this big freezer and there IS food available, why can't I freeze-dry stuff?

Saving badly saved food?
You open the bucket and yuks!!! You're supposed to *eat* that stuff???

WHy Do YoU alL Say to freEzE FOod????

-- Brian (imager@ampsc.com), April 27, 1999

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