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Please feel free to add your comments or ask a question about the last challenge facing independent filmmakers-- getting your work to the public.

-- Maxie D. Collier (maxie@dvfilmmaker.com), April 30, 1999


Spirit Chasers- A group of people in search of thrills venture of to two supposedly haunted locations in NJ. Cast: Pat Helme, Veronica Helme, Matt Helme and Brett Muhammid. Crew: Camera,Pat Helme Matt Helme and Brett Muhammid. Directed and Edited: Matt Helme. 51:03 Mini DV Color 2001.

Chicken Fried Movie- Docu-comedy about Actors talking about their first movie role. Cast: Pat Helme, Veronica Helme and Brett Muhammid. Crew: Camera, Pat Helme Matt Helme and Brett Muhammid.Directed and Edited by Matt Helme. 48:00 Mini DV Color and B&W 2002

-- Matt Helme (tugboat6@optonline.net), April 04, 2002.

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