Why the problem in Frame Movie Mode????

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I recently bought a new Canon XL-1. I tried using it in frame movie mode, but when I pan or tilt, I get major motion jitter. Why???? And if there is nothing I can do about this problem, what is the use of having that mode anyway?

Please help, Chris

-- Chris Penney (mrpher@netscape.net), May 01, 1999


It is true that you will get jittery or strobic motion when making fast pans or tilts in the XL-1's frame movie mode.

This has nothing specifically to do with the XL-1, but is simply the result of progressive scan -- of an image only being updated every 30th of a second.

The solution? Don't pan or tilt quickly.

This is generally the rule with film, which has the same problem with overly-rapid camera moves.


-- Ben Wolf (bdw6@columbia.edu), May 13, 1999.

Use the 1/60th second shutter priority and most of the problem will be alleviated. Also use more light in the scenes and plan your shots so they don't have too much movement. Fast pans look unprofessional anyway. The reason for having progressive scan mode is to look more like film and to have better image quality for film transfers. Brian

-- Brian (brianmeade@yahoo.com), June 05, 1999.

Set the camera to 1/60th while in Frame Movie mode and you'll have no problems. I saw no strobbing or anything. As a matter of fact, I actually ran down a halway for about 2 mins. No strobbing. Looked like 16mm pro footage too. The XL-1 kicks ASS man.

-- Kick Ass Camera (kickass@userof.Godcamera.cc), March 11, 2001.

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