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For those who can't live without salsa verde to add spice to their beans and rice.

From Organic Gardening, November 1981.

The article suggests that you buy the tomatilloes and save some seeds for planting but, since 1981, seeds aren't difficult to find. (Johnny's, Burpees, Park's, etc.)

Once you grow your own tomatilloes, they can be eaten raw or, preferably, cooked, or canned whole or as sauce. Cultivation and canning are pretty much the same as for tomatoes, of which they are, not surprisingly, a relative. The author says seeds they planted in March came to fruition in October, so start them inside early. Fruits are ready to harvest when the papery husk turns from green to tan--and pick without too much delay. Overripe fruits should be cooked immediately, but those picked at the proper time will store well.

Store only perfect tomatilloes in their husks in a cool, well-ventilated location. Kept dry and cool, blemish-free fruits wll remain tart and firm for several months. A good storage method is to uproot the entire plant as the husks turn color, and hang it upside down in a cool dry place. You can also store the fruit in their husks, one layer deep.

For salsa verde recipes, see:

If that doesn't work, just plug into your favorite search engine: salsa AND verde NEAR recipe.

-- Spicy Old Git (, May 04, 1999

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