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I am trying to figure out some info regarding shooting at 16:9. I have a friend who is dumping a 16:9 dv movie to 35 mm film and I had a few questions in relation to Final Cut Pro.

What is the resolution of 16x9 video coming off of a cannon XL-1? (This is important for setting up the project and capture preferences)

The cannon will be shooting at 1/60 shutter speed in frame mode. Does that mean that the field dominance settings should be different?

Are the pixels still non square?

When exporting a movie at 16x9 full frame will everything work correctly?

Is there a way to preview the 16x9 through the firewire onto a letterboxed set?

Thanks for any help, Damian

-- Damian Griffin (dgriffin@hollandhart.com), May 05, 1999


Res is still 720 X 480. Field Dominance: Lower - It's still a standard NTSC (or PAL) DV image, just stretched vertically by about 25%. Graphics will have to be streched in Photoshop 25% vertically. You can view letterboxed if you play through a Sony DSR-30 DVCAM deck with WIDE SCREEN ID selected.

Hope this helps.

-- Luis Remesar (coyotep@earthlink.net), May 08, 1999.

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