Ok Texans. Tell me what to do.

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On an earlier thread I offered to take a few notes and report back to the board about the planned meeting in Ft. Worth later this month of many of the Texans hereabouts.

I didn't intend, P.J., to imply that any transcription was going to occur. My intent was (is) to take a few notes (no quotes) and then try to convey to those here what it's like to actually gather for blather about Y2K.

I would suppose there would be a bit more humanity floating about at a real, genuine get-together, as opposed to the electronic confabulation that goes on here.

I CAN write and I'm capable, I think, of conveying a certain sense of purpose that is bound to occur when we gather for a real exchange of ideas, feelings, hopes, fears, concerns and dreams.

I can't help but think that others here, lurkers and posters, would like a sort of recap of an actual physical meeting of like-minded individuals.

If, however, a chilling atmosphere will steal across the meeting and descend on our attempts at free expression, why heck, I'll just leave my pen and reporter's notebook at home.

Thoughts, Texans?

-- Vic (Roadrunner@compliant.com), May 05, 1999


some may be nervous cuz head polly numero uno with his files lives in Dallas

-- yyy (wary@be.aware), May 05, 1999.

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