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I'm new to Polaroid transfers, and am making 3x4 pictures using a Daylab II and type 669 pack film.

I'm finding that when I peel apart the film, there is a broad stripe down the center of the picture which doesn't develop properly. It appears that this stripe is roughly the width of the small tab of the next film, which protudes from the film holder as I'm pulling the current film out. Thus the only film that seems to work OK is the last one in the pack (because there is no tab from the next film).

I'm paying particular attention to pulling the film out in a straight direction. I've tried doing it fast, slow, slightly upwards, slightly downwards, straight. Whichever way I try doesn't seem to make much difference.

Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance, Mark

-- Mark Wilson (, May 05, 1999

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