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I have top quality grain (wheat, corn, rice, oats) and beans (pinto and soy) packaged with diatomaceous earth and nitrogen in 5 gallon buckets. All items are in stock and ready for immediately delivery. Prices and ordering information are at

Thanks, Ted

-- Ted Derryberry (, May 06, 1999


Are you supplying grain from Pleasanthill Grain? If so, good.

-- Debbie (, May 07, 1999.

Yes, Pleasant Hill Grain is my supplier. Thanks, Ted

-- Ted Derryberry (, May 07, 1999.

hey Ted,love your web site!

-- zoobie (, May 07, 1999.

Ted - Yours was the second website I happened upon after the potential of y2k hit me. I was soooooo lucky to find your list so early in my preparations. I was immediately able to forge into a well thought-out response plan, guided by carefull and studied forthought. Now I am almost where I want to be in preparation. I thank you from my heart for your fine work!

-- marsh (, May 07, 1999.

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