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I have a problem with Apple Final Cut Pro: Slugs and clips containing black display visible grey vertical lines, evenly spaced with black lines, after rendering. The lines show up only on NTSC monitor and not on computer screen. Also, lines are not there when still frames of effects are viewed on NTSC monitor before rendering. However, lines do show up on NTSC monitor if playhead is parked on blank space on timeline. I'm using DV stream with Sony GV-D300. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My my set-up includes BW G3 at 400MZ, 6 Gig ATA boot drive, 2-16 Gig ATA Data drives with Promax PCI Card, 192 Meg RAM. i've re-installed FCP and Quicktime several times. Everything else works flawlessly. Any

-- Luis Remesar (, May 07, 1999

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