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NATO Air Raid Hits China's Belgrade Embassy

"A NATO air raid hit the Chinese embassy in Belgrade late Friday, causing many casualties, the Yugoslav Beta news agency said Saturday.

"NATO aircraft hit the Chinese embassy building in New Belgrade shortly before midnight," the agency said. "People are being pulled out from the rubble."

"The embassy was hit as four strong detonations were heard," the agency said. "Explosions were heard in the wider Belgrade region and in New Belgrade."

In Brussels, NATO said it was aware of the reports but could not confirm or deny them at present..."

-- pshannon (, May 07, 1999


Aw, heck. Now POTUS will have to give the Chinese even more valuable high tech secrets, just to make up for this gaffe. Not that they need much more from us...

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), May 07, 1999.

This genocidal behavior needs to stop. Too many innocent people are dying. I'm sick of seeing dead bodies blown to bits by NATO, and the smug tone of the war mongers. This is fascism. Fuck NATO.

-- nancy (, May 07, 1999.

Insane As if we are begging for trouble.

-- h (h@h.h), May 07, 1999.

Hey old BJ Clinton was just returning some of that Chinese campaign money in the form of 500 lb GBU's ( guided bomb unit ).

-- kozak (kozak@formerusaf.guv), May 07, 1999.

Oh, that was really really stoooooooopid. Imbeciles. Can we rerun that impeachment thing? Can we all do the 2000 vote this June 1? The news is getting so unbelievable. Wake me up when it's all over. No, don't wake me up.

And this news the day after the Bakery Sold Out thread.

[ For Educational Purposes Only ]

NATO Missiles Hit Chinese Embassy

NATO Missiles Hit Chinese Embassy
Friday, May 7, 1999; 7:39 p.m. EDT

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) -- NATO jets early Saturday struck the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, setting the two story building on fire. Yugoslav officials said 26 embassy staff were living there but none was seriously injured.

Fire trucks converged on the scene, which was engulfed in smoke. Dazed embassy staff were running about the area.

Police told reporters at the site that there were injured but there were no further details.

The bombing is likely to complicate efforts to reach a peace agreement in Yugoslavia. China is a permanent member of the Security Council, which the United States is trying to get to approve its peace plan. China had been strongly opposed to the bombing campaign and sided with the Serbs in the Kosovo issue.

China has represented Yugoslav interests in the United States since Belgrade broke diplomatic relations with Washington after the start of the NATO air attacks March 24.

In Brussels, Belgium, NATO spokeswoman Vicki Nielsen said she was not ``in a position to confirm or deny'' that the embassy had been hit. Goran Matic, a Yugoslav minister without portfolio, said there were 26 people inside the building which took two hits. All were evacuated. Some were injured.

``Now I would like to see how NATO will justify this,'' Matic said. ``It was a deliberate targeting of the Chinese embassy. It's high time to end this madness. Everybody has to sit and talk.''

The president of the Yugoslav Left party, allied with the Socialists in the ruling Yugoslav coalition, called the attack ``an aggression against the Peoples Republic of China.''

``After this, the end of this century will be marked by the end of the United Nations,'' party President Ljubisa Ristic said. ``This might be the beginning of the Third World War.''
[ This realization is becoming the chorus line mantra to end the millennia ]

In a commentary on Studio B radio, the station's military commentator, Miroslav Lazansky, called the attack ``unprecedented.'' He claimed the embassy was intentionally targeted because of China's support of Belgrade's position in the U.N. Security Council.
This article Washington Post.

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

-- Leska (, May 07, 1999.

Oh great. Now everone's gonna be mad at us.

-- ayayay (, May 07, 1999.

Yep, we're in big trouble now. I can only imagine at this point how the Chinese are going to reaxt to this.Nothing yet on the South China Morning Post site...

-- pshannon (, May 07, 1999.

You know, the Yugoslavs may yet accomplish something no one has succeeded in doing in a while: becoming a client state of both the Russians and the Chinese...and all due to our intervention...I certainly hope this goes down in history as one of billy jeff's accomplishments!


-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 07, 1999.

People's Daily, the official Communist Party rag, has a photo on its homepage of a burning building. Naturally, I don't read Chinese. The English version doesn't have anything yet. No doubt it's being carefully crafted...

-- pshannon (, May 07, 1999.

Speaking of Billy Jeff... ake a look at this photo taken today and tell me he doesn't have a shiner:

Hillary's revenge?

or is it my imagination?

-- Ned (, May 07, 1999.

It's your imagination, Ned.

According to CNN, one person was killed and 26 were injured.

-- pshannon (, May 07, 1999.

From the BBC:

"The attack has brought an angry response from the Chinese, and the UN Security Council is to meet in emergency session to discuss the incident...

Diplomats ran out into the street in a state of shock - some of them had not had time to put their shoes on...

The Chinese ambassador to the UN, Qin Huasan, described it as a barbaric act and a violation of the United Nations charter...

"We call on NATO to stop immediately its military actions so as to avoid further humanitarian disasters," he said...

The UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said he was shocked and distressed by the action...

In its first reaction, Nato said it was investigating the incident, but a military spokesman said Nato had not targetted the Chinese embassy..."

-- pshannon (, May 07, 1999. -19990507&CAT=NEWS&kt=A&ak=news1486

relevant quote:

"NATO says did not target Chinese embassy in raids 12:10 a.m. May 08, 1999 Eastern BRUSSELS, May 8 (Reuters) - NATO said on Saturday it hit several key targets in central Belgrade in its most concentrated attack to date on the Yugoslav military and police leadership, but did not target the Chinese embassy in the Yugoslav capital.

The alliance said it regretted any damage to the Chinese mission or injuries to its personnel. It said its targets were a major underground bunker complex, a hotel used by the paramilitary leader Arkan, ministry of defence buildings and army and police headquarters.

In a statement from NATO allied Command Europe, NATO said the attacks on Belgrade were ``meticulously planned'' to minimise any civilian damage or casualties. The strikes were intended to disrupt the national leadership of the army and special police, and were preceded by an attack on Belgrade power supply, apparently with special electrical ``blackout'' bombs.

NATO's statement highlighted two targets, believed to be close to the Chinese embassy. It said one was the Dobanovci command complex, a residence used by Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, which houses a major undergound bunker complex NATO believes is now the centre of Milosevic's high command.

The other was the Hotel Jugoslavia (eds. correct), used as a barracks for Arkan's Paramilitary Tigers and long under his control as a command centre for operations in Kosovo." ****************************************

"oops, we missed, we're sorry..." somehow I don't think that's going to do the trick, do you?


-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 08, 1999.

I keep telling you he's trying to start world war three. why don't you listen?

-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 08, 1999.

Makes one wonder if they're in over their heads over there, doesn't it?

-- Tim (, May 08, 1999.


The building doesn't look like it got hit with 4 bunker busters, looks like a side effect of a little bit of over-kill.

-- CT (ct@no.yr), May 08, 1999.

Maters not what HIT IT, IT WAS destroyed. Nobody has to conspire to get this stuff done, it comes under the heading of "fog of war".

SHEESH, I certainly hope the Chinese can find their sense of humor, because if they can't, the UN is gonna look really, really bad for NATO. WE could be the ones that lose and NATO might be told by the UN to stop. What happens then?? WE become the outlaw country and China gets to claim the right to put down the mad dog??? If I lived on the west coast or on the southern coast of Alaska I would be REAL concerned right about now.




-- chuck, a Night Driver (, May 08, 1999.

It does matter what hit it,, new report,, 2 dead, 26 wounded.

They were in a war zone,, it is " the fog of war " If we hit it with one bunker bomb they would all be dead dead., the building would be junked, not burned out with 26 suvivers. Shit happens,,, the chinese know this. If they want to make a big political thing about it, they will. So what else is new? BTW,,, I think Slicks war is about his zipper, but this is still the real world.

-- CT (ct@no.yr), May 08, 1999.

Maybe if we just offer to pay them a little more to get the Venezuelan crude through the Chinese Canal they'll look the other way this time. Ya think????

-- spun@lright (, May 08, 1999.

yes It is about the real world CT. By even the most modest estimates NATO has already killed more innocent civilians, Serb and Kosovo, than the combined atrocities of both groups to date. They have totally destroyed the infrastructure of the region, and have no clear goal in sight other than lifelong occupation of the region to maintain peace. The amount of money spent on this campaign to date would have bailed out social security for another fifteen years, but that money was not to be had until Slick needed a diversion from his treasonous China deals. Not to mention that he has dragged us to the brink of nuclear war with first the soviets, and now dragging China into it. Or that he has pulled vital Aircraft carriers off station in the pacific, leaving our soldiers in Korea vulnerable to anhiliation. This has got to be the single stupidest act I have ever seen by our government. No, not our government, Clinton did this all on his own. If we live through this, and don't go into nuclear war, I sincerley hope the son of a bitch is hanged for treason and crimes against humanity.

-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 08, 1999.

I have a request. Since I know I'll be returning here to check in while I'm checking out will yu please put a time stamp on your posts.

Now let's see what was the number of that taxi cab co. Oh yea he kinda sounded Iranian or somethin, Hun will ya go ask our new Ukranian neighbors if any of the kids hack, o no don't say hack, just see if the understand kkkkuuugggerand.

-- spun@lright (, May 08, 1999.


I wish I knew how to do a standing ovation and clap my hands off for your post,, Slick sucks. However,, it is the real world. China will make some hay from this and that will be all.

As much as some would like to believe that WWIII is gunna be here tomorrow,, aint gunna happen without an accident or a nut with the trigger ( Ya,, I know about Boris and Y2k )

There is no way China can attack the CONUS right now,,, we would see them comeing, WE have tested a carrier group off San. Fran a few weeks ago and the " gee wizz " worked. The Chinese Navy would be targets NOW, and targets after Y2k,,IMHO,,, Russia just gave a real world display of their " rapid reaction Navy" Got permission to sail but got 1 (one ) ship out of Port. The rest didn't come out, did they?

I don't want to get into nuk readyness or retargeting. China don't have any, and Russia don't know where or if they have a nuk force, fair delicate stuff,,, needs maintainance.

Slick is doing a midlife, I got bigger balls kindda thing. I wish we could beat their heads on a tree when they are born, but you can't see Meglamania and the wish to control others at that age,, pitty

-- CT (ct@no.yr), May 08, 1999.

[ For Educational Purposes Only ]

Saturday, 8 May 1999 15:01 (GMT), (UPI Spotlight)

Chinese crowd on rampage near embassy

BEIJING, May 8 (UPI) - Hundreds of angry Chinese citizens gathered outside the U.S. Embassy in Beijing (Saturday) in a second massive protest rally over NATO's bombing of the Chinese Embassy in the Yugoslav capital Belgrade that killed three people and injured at least 20 others.

The demonstrators, apparently ordinary Beijing citizens outraged by pictures of the destroyed Chinese mission broadcast on the evening news, gathered outside the mission as nightfall approached and threw stones and lumps of concrete at the U.S. embassy, before setting a U.S. flag ablaze. Several cars in an adjoining street were smashed and scuffles broke out as police intervened.
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

-- Leska (, May 08, 1999.

[ For Educational Purposes Only ]

2,000 Chinese rally near US embassy

Saturday, 8 May 1999 12:27 (GMT), (UPI Spotlight)

BEIJING, May 8 (UPI) - Over 2,000 Chinese, many of them students, held a noisy rally outside the U.S. Embassy in Beijing (Saturday), pelting the mission with stones and plastic water bottles in protest over NATO's missile attack on the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade that killed three and injured 20 others.

Police stood by as demonstrators chanted "USA are killers" and "NATO Nazis," and cheered every time a stone or bottle was thrown at the embassy.
No more deluded warm fuzzy feelings of "we're safe and the whole world loves America." We're doomed. The global weeples are furious and want revenge and will really hate USA when the computers fail in 8 months and global infrastructures collapse.

Riot is too mild a word. Revolution too mild a word. No word exists in the English language to describe what is coming around the corner too soon.

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

-- Leska (, May 08, 1999.

They also hit a hospital complex outside of Belgrade. With cluster bombs. (I thought cluster bombs were illegal). We kill to save.

-- Spidey (, May 08, 1999.

Hope this URL lasts for a few days:

Chinese mobs rage against NATO over attack on Belgrade embassy

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

-- Leska (, May 08, 1999.

Leka couldn't be MORE right. Now everyone hates the United States. One way or another, we are screwed. In the eyes of the rest of the world we are the "Great Satan" Nutz...! Why do "we" all get blamed for what stupid politicians do?

I say in the next presidential elections (if there is one...groan...) No One--NO ONE--vote. DC is used to us all making noise. Do you think our silence could make their ears bleed? I do.

Imagine, not one single person showing up at the polls. Major Civil Disobedience is needed...and it's needed now before NATO takes us all down...

-- M.Moth (, May 08, 1999.


Unfortunately, as it is now, hardly anyone votes. And that's just the way they like it. I think the opposite approach would be better. EVERYONE should vote, and they should vote for "None of the Above" in a write in campaign.

I'm in Manhattan now, and I'm gonna head down to the U.N. and see if anything's going on there. Probably not, New Yorkers are just about the most complacent people on earth when it comes to stuff like this, and the weather's lousy. It will be interesting though to see if there are any Chinese or Serbs hangin' around today...

-- pshannon (, May 08, 1999.

Some of us have suspected that Bubba has always wanted to destroy the US military. The day after he was elected I was told by a three-star to get ready and hang-on tight a train wreck was going to happen, exactly when and how bad were the only questions.

With Clinton's force cuts and numerous unfunded deployments he's done a pretty good job at wrecking the services. Now he's managed to start a train wreck for NATO as well.

I don't give NATO any chance at being around much longer. The current European members may form a strictly European Alliance of military forces that will mirror the EU. Canada might be allowed in, but maybe she'll suffer for being located on the same continent as the US.

Either way it looks like the result of Bubba's war is that he'll have accomplished everything old Soviet Union ever wanted: a toothless US military and no more NATO.

Nikoli, I humbly admit that I never accepted the theory that the "old Kremlin gang" was playing possum when the Soviet Union dissolved. But now that their dreams have come true without a shot being fired between the east and west.

The Russians are in a position to take a major leadership role in European matters without having to use force to gain it. I really wonder if the "Manchurian Candidate scenario" isn't more plausible than I've always considered. Or is Clinton just that stupid and ego- maniacal?

Either way, there will be no US world leadership role until there is a change in leadership and a period of rebuilding for the US military. And while we have no leadership authority or role, we will certainly be a prime target for anyone who wants to get their kicks in while we won't be able to garner any support or asistance if needed.

What it took Clinon's predecessors more than half a century to build, he's destroyed in less than eight years. I wonder how long it's going to take to put things back together again, if ever?


-- Wildweasel (, May 08, 1999.

Chinese-American: ``Do you know what `NATO' stands for?'' he asked. ``New American Terrorist Organization.''

Chinese-Americans outraged over Kosovo embassy bombing
Non-NATO countries condemn Chinese Embassy bombing
Beijing protesters attack U.S. Embassy
Security Council shocked, sorry for loss of life at China's Embassy
Russian foreign minister cancels trip to Great Britain
Russia Slams China Embassy Hit
Britain expresses regret over bombing
Some of the headlines on AP Breaking News ...

Part of the answer is for ALL Americans to VOTE, yes, VOTE !!!, and not for None Of The Above, or somebody dead, or somebody's cat, but for a real person.

Who? Well, since anybody running would have to be mentally peculiar these days, why not have a lottery? No joke. All names of those between 20 and 70, pick one. If not a felon, if no criminal background or nothing too bizarre -- We The People vote The Person in! Bet it might work; surely it could not be as mad as the corrupt power-mad lunatics currently running the asylum into degraded ground.

But vote we must; apathy would just play into the hands of those who want to further enslave and dumbify us.

Take just this Forum -- I could vote for Arnie Rimmer for President. Decency, common sense, even-temper, practicality, walk-the-talk count toward a lot. He's tested his Y2K plans and shared his experiences. Practical, helpful, useful, a good guy. That's what Americans need now.

Are we all fed up enough yet to install a common good man or woman? Or will Y2K take the whole system down so the point becomes moot for a long time, and then the weeples are more than ready to reassert their Constitutional rights and freedoms?

A change will have to come ...

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

-- Leska (, May 08, 1999.

pshannon says

Yep, we're in big trouble now. I can only imagine at this point how the Chinese are going to react to this.Nothing yet on the South China Morning Post site...

-- pshannon (, May 07, 1999.

Watching the live CNN NATO briefing this morning, I noted a couple of ominious sheathes.

First, the reporter from the Chinese media asked Colonel Klink from Nutso "Do you regard the bombing of the Chinese as an act of WAR?" This commorade had lost two close friends and fellow journalists in the bombing. We all know how persuasive the media can be in arousing or sedating the general populace. Damn

Secondly, The bi-monocled Nuto General, seemed to indicate that it was a mistake that was on purpose. I kept watching his eyes while he was delivering "THE MESSAGE" That the target had been aquired precisely as loaded from the data base. The questions and senerio's from there are truly preponderous. A couple that come to mind might be: Has someone hacked successfully into the data base, changed co-ord's etc? If so the agenda's could be phenom. Is someone on the inside planting said co'ord's (and for what purpose) to the DB files? ORRR... Maybe they just feel a little too good about themselves right now. I'm sure none of them has real estate on the Pacific Rim. Oh well, they will have to worry about a 5 million man Russian Army, bivwac'd in Afganistan,Iran, Iraq,Saudia Arabia, and Syria.... unable to return the homeland because of all the reactor contamination post y2k, and who will be looking for a place to hole up for a couple hundred years. Will we ever know?

-- spun@lright (, May 08, 1999. yugoslavia_china_5.html

China Erupts In Day Of Fury At NATO Strike

[ For Educational Purposes Only ]

BEIJING (Reuters) - China erupted in a day of rage Saturday as officially sanctioned protests at NATO's bombing of its embassy in Belgrade turned ugly and protesters stormed a U.S. consulate and set ablaze the house of its top official ... Incensed protesters swarmed over the walls of the U.S. compound in Chengdu, capital of the southwestern province of Sichuan, and broke through the front door of the main consulate building before police finally chased them out ... Witnesses said the only injury was to a Chinese guard, whose life was not in danger, but the consul-general's house was seriously damaged by fire ... It was the most violent incident on a day of fury in China's main cities as word spread of the NATO strike in which the official Xinhua news agency said four people were killed and 21 wounded ... Thousands took to the streets to vent their anger, bombarding the U.S. embassy in Beijing with stones and debris, smashing windows ... They hurled bricks and bottles at the nearby British embassy and attacked at least four parked cars belonging to U.S. diplomats, leaving one slewed across the road, its windows shattered ... They threw bottles and eggs at the U.S. consulate in Shanghai and swarmed around NATO member missions in the southern city of Guangzhou ... Xinhua reported protests in eight other cities -- without mentioning Chengdu -- and said all had been approved by local authorities ... The government summoned U.S. Ambassador James Sasser to hear the ``strongest protest'' over the strike on the Chinese embassy as students chanted ``Down With U.S. Imperialism,'' ``Pay Blood Debts in Blood'' and ``Down with U.S. Running Dogs.'' ... Several chanted: ``Clinton is Hitler.'' One banner bore the Nazi swastika and the word NATO. More protests were expected Sunday ... Even before the Belgrade embassy was hit, resentment had been building against the United States, portrayed by state media as an arrogant global bully which chooses conflict over diplomacy ... Many people, including a top banker, said they were sure NATO had targeted the Chinese mission deliberately. Beijing called it a war crime ... The crowd cheered as the Stars and Stripes went up in flames there ... A huge cheer went up as the lamp at the main entrance was hit in the barrage of missiles ... Each time another student group, often accompanied by their teachers, arrived under their university banner, another roar went up and the chanting of slogans like ``U.S. Fascist'' and ''NATO murderers'' grew louder ... Hundreds of police initially did nothing to stop people hurling missiles at the U.S. embassy in Beijing ... The U.S. embassy told Americans to stay off the streets as individuals whose countries are NATO members reported being the target of verbal rage once their nationalities were identified ... The protests reflected anger and incomprehension ....
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

-- Leska (, May 08, 1999.

Drudge headlining: PAYBACK: U.S. consulate building in southwest China set ablaze dx.html

And then this: dx.html

[ For Educational Purposes Only ]

Ted Turner: Nuclear War in Future
Saturday, May 8, 1999; 9:05 p.m. EDT

ATHENS, Ga. (AP) -- Ted Turner told University of Georgia graduates today to keep thinking and learning, then rained on their parade by suggesting that NATO bombing in Yugoslavia could lead to nuclear war.

``Here's the class of '99, and y'all are just starting out. Wouldn't it be terrible to have nuclear war in the next week or two and mess up y'alls careers before they have gotten started?'' Turner said in a commencement address to 5,000 graduates.

Turner, who founded CNN, said that as a child during the Cold War he worried that he wouldn't live to see the end of the millennium. At age 60, he said he has the same worries.

Referring to the NATO bombing of China's Embassy in Belgrade, Turner said: ``If we drop a bomb on the Russian Embassy, we could be at war with Russia and China tomorrow, and they both got lots of nuclear weapons. We might not even get to see the millennium.''
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx

-- Leska (, May 09, 1999.

I lifted this from Alan Keyes latest commentary in WND. Bad thinking abounds in discussions about this war, and we let it pass at our national peril. Sen. McCain, Henry Kissinger and others are making the following argument about the war:

First premise: There are serious questions about our involvement in the war in Yugoslavia. Second premise: We entered the war as the result of bad judgments. Third premise: It isn't clear what our objectives are. Conclusion: Since we have begun the war, we must continue until victory is achieved.

When anyone makes this argument, we should stop him, look him right in the eye, and ask him the simple question: What is war? Get them to think about it. Remind them of this simple equation: War = killing people

You can put whatever kind of mask on it you like, but at the end of the day, war is about the business of killing human beings. We may be doing it this way or the other way, with more damage or less, but at its heart war is about killing people.

Every sentence of discussion about Yugoslavia should be modified by replacing the word "war" with the phrase "killing people." And then we should just listen to what is being said.

We don't know why we are killing people. It is not clear what our objectives are in killing people. We are not sure we should have started killing people in the first place; as a matter of fact it is pretty clear that we shouldn't have started killing people. But since we have started killing people, we have no choice; we have got to go on killing people until "victory" is achieved.....

-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 09, 1999.

Whoa. Read this before the URL goes dead ...

Chinese embassy hit, world reacts

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

-- Leska (, May 09, 1999.

With the Chinese Embassy in rubble , all we need is to have the Chinese find out the pilot was North Korean who dropped the bomb. That should help out the situation,yea.right !

Please tell me if NATO actually means "Nother Asshole Taking Over" ?? Furie...

-- Furie (, May 09, 1999. radamus/html/ans_nostradamus.htm

"Born in the early 16th century, Nostradamus has become one of the worlds most widely known and read prophets. Nostradamus prophesied that World War III would be initiated by Russia and Iran on July 4th of 1999 with nuclear and chemical weapons."
"Official: Iran wants to boost nuclear ties with Russia"

Mother Shipton:
"And Christian one fights Christian two
And nations sigh, yet nothing do
And yellow men great power gain
From mighty bear with whom they've lain."

Seems as good a time as ever to prepare to be practical & self-reliant.

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx

-- Leska (, May 09, 1999.

Nikoli, Arlin et al, take a look at the Bruce Beach thread - is very pertinent to this whole damn mess Clinton Inc. has gotten us into... concerns the nuclear angle...

-- Andy (, May 09, 1999.


Sunday, May 09, 1999 16:57 UTC

US bombers target China embassy in Belgrade for strikes.

LONDON, May 9 (Itar-Tass) - The strike on the Chinese embassy in Belgrade was made by super-advanced B-2 strategic bombers of the U.S. Air Force, which flew from the Whiteman base in Missouri. They dropped three heavy laser-guided bombs on the embassy building. The bombing was conducted from an altitude of over five kilometers, London Sunday newspapers reported today.

They also claimed that the building was also on the list of air raid targets. However, it is not understandable why it was put on the list of NATO targets. Most analysts are inclined to think that the building was put on the list of priority targets as a result of "an incomprehensible mistake" by the NATO operation planning division.

Nevertheless, some specialists believe that the strike on the Chinese embassy suddently exposed the existence of "a special direction" in the war against Yugoslavia, which is conducted only by the United States and has aims, different from those proclaimed by the NATO command.

The fact that the bombing of the building was conducted by a special force of the U.S. strategic aviation, which is not subordinated to the NATO command and which flew from the American territory, confirms this supposition.

Earlier, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported, referring to military sources, that the U.S. conducts, in actual fact, two wars against Yugoslavia: The U.S. has another "closed" list of targets, along with the one submitted to NATO. Other NATO members, apart from Britain, are not notified of these targets.

-- pshannon (, May 09, 1999.

The three people killed in the Chinese embassy bombing were:

Xu Xinghu, Zhu Ying, and Shao Yunhuan.

I'm posting this because if some of the sentiments on this forum are correct, the deaths of these three people will be the cause for the deaths of many others. And to humanize things a little...

-- pshannon (, May 09, 1999.

pshannon -- Frightening, subversive, and far beyond and away from By the People, Of the People, For the People.

Someday truth and common sense must rule supreme, along with respect for our fellow sojourners and children of God. Prayer, and individual fervent efforts to live in the Lord, harm nobody, and be of cheer and useful practical service to others.

What can stop it before it goes over the edge and plunges the world into an inescapable hellish nightmare?

Praying ...

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx

-- Leska (, May 09, 1999.

pshannon snip:

"Sunday, May 09, 1999 16:57 UTC

US bombers target China embassy in Belgrade for strikes.

LONDON, May 9 (Itar-Tass) - The strike on the Chinese embassy in Belgrade was made by super-advanced B-2 strategic bombers of the U.S. Air Force, which flew from the Whiteman base in Missouri. They dropped three heavy laser-guided bombs on the embassy building. The bombing was conducted from an altitude of over five kilometers, London Sunday newspapers reported today. "

pshannon, going directly through Drudge's Home Page I could not find this article. Itar-Tass is of course the Russsian News Agency, is there any other confirmation on this?


-- Ray (, May 09, 1999.

And this whole time the US & Britain have been bombing Iraq incessantly.

-- Leska (, May 09, 1999.

It's still there, Ray, in the upper left corner of Drudge's site titled:

REPORT: Strike on Chinese embassy made by U.S. B-2 bombers...

And the link to the story above still works.

-- pshannon (, May 09, 1999.

I cannot believe this was an accident. Too pat. Too phoney. Nope.

-- Andy (, May 09, 1999.

pshannon, thanks I did a refresh and found it.


-- Ray (, May 09, 1999.

Just heard out of the corner of my ear on NPR that some believe the Chinese embassy was targeted by NATO on purpose despite knowledge of what it was, and that Sen. McCain said he believes the protests and attack on the American Embassy in Bejing was coordinated by the gov for political purposes...

-- pshannon (, May 09, 1999.

Just heard an interview with the US ambassador to China:

Been holed up in the embassy for two and a half days, He's worried about the families of those in the embassy, he's heard reports that people have broken windows of private residences, Chinese media is focussed on the Yugo problem being an internal matter - saying nothing about ethnic cleansing giving people the impression that NATO and US are trying to extend its reach into Eastern Europe by force.


-- pshannon (, May 09, 1999.

It sounds like the protests are getting out of hand, and the gov is encouraging it to deflect from the fact that the 10th anniversary of Tiananmen (sp?) is coming up in a couple of weeks...

-- pshannon (, May 09, 1999.

I wonder what the total number of countries and terrorist organizations trying to aquire and smuggle a tactical nuclear weapon into this country is right now? Do you think our foreign policy is increasing or decreasing this number? How much longer before the NATO airbase in Italy takes a major hit? Do you use city tap water to make your tea, cook with, brush your teeth? Do you have a vested interest in removing a madman from the White House? Should congress be forced to repeal the war powers act and hold the president accountable for his unconstitutional actions?

-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 09, 1999.

My news update pager says that the US has "demanded" increased security at the embassy in Beijing. I suspect the answer was the diplomatic version of a bronx cheer followed by a horse laugh.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 09, 1999.

BOSTON (AP) - Fearful of growing instability in China after NATO's accidental bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia, the Boston Symphony Orchestra has apparently canceled two concerts in Beijing.

-- Leska (, May 09, 1999.

Alot sure has happened over the weekend. It will be interesting to see if/how the stock market reacts to this.

-- Tim (, May 09, 1999.

Early Monday to you, Tim  ;^) yugoslavia_china_warning_1.html
Americans Warned Against Travel To China

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The State Department Sunday suspended official travel to China by all government employees and urged other Americans to defer plans to visit, citing the ``volatile'' conditions sparked by the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.

The U.S. Embassy in Beijing, which has been besieged by demonstrators, will be closed Monday and Tuesday along with the consulates in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenyang and Chengdu, the department said in a written statement.  ... 

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-- Leska (, May 09, 1999.

1. CT two points in response:

a. am unable to tell from the photos what they used - it *might* have been a delayed detonation penetrator (bunker buster) - some types of that sort would have gone through to the basement and just made hash out of the interior of the building. We also don't know what sort of subsurface damage occurred, so it's really just a SWAG at this point.

b. agree with you on the Chinese using this as leverage - they'll probably try to use it to get the WTO concessions they couldn't get from the US last month...

c. WW - you forget that our current secdef was a VN war other words, yes billy jeff and his immediate clique really are that militarily stupid. Word on the street here is that they treat the whole thing like a giant video game...the word is clueless.

d. Nik - put your giant conspiracy theories on hold for a minute and go read the book FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER...personally that's my best guess as to what happened with the PRC embassy. Ya gotta admit it would be awfully tempting...and if done properly from 5 miles up ("oops! did you say that setting was 2273.215? Silly me! I thought you said 2273.512!" - that sort of thing) there would be virtually nothing that could officially be done to the crew for doing so.


-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 09, 1999.

Arlin, have read flight of the intruder, great book, great action sequences and good commentary on the idiocy of the Vietnam rules of engagement and target list. However the Pentagon has already said they were sattelite guided bunker buster bombs, and the targeting was done remotely, not by the B-2 crew. They just flew to a predetermined point and dumped the bombs, Pentagon sats steered them in. I have to hang on to my conspiracy theories, I haven't heard a word of truth out of the government in fifteen years, and it has gotten distinctly worse the last six or seven. A lot of us were screaming the impeachment was just a diversion from the China espionage, we were right. Kenneth starr is an illegal unregistered lobbyist for the Chinese, which presents a clear conflict of interest. Now we have this embassy bombing which is supposedly an accident but they say the building was intentionally targeted. We're not even getting a hint of the real story on this one.

-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 10, 1999.

Nikolai, your war = killing analysis is perfecto.

-- humpty (, May 10, 1999.

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