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I make my own wine and have about 70 bottles on hand that I am keeping for Y2K contingency. I also have as many empty wine bottles. Couldn't I just sterilize my wine bottles and corks as usual and bottle water? It could then be conveniently kept in my wine racks. I appreciate your advice. I can't escape the city but I will try to survive and protect my elderly relatives the best I can.

Thank you. Citygirl

-- citygirl (, May 07, 1999


city girl,

I am glad to hear you are preparing...I am not sure about the wine bottles. I really don't see a problem with it just add a little bleach along with it..but I do think you will need alot more water than 70 bottles in a wine rack...try saving 2 liter bottles and filling with water add 4 drops of unscented bleach as well...and store everywhere you can...under the bed holds alot too..good luck to you

-- shellie (, May 07, 1999.

Try this:

Call a local food processor. Ask if they have any food grade plastic drums (55 gallon). Pick up two. Make sure they didn't have anything unpleasant tasting in them like garlic oil!! They come with screw top bungs.

A local flavor mnaufacturer gave me three for free.

-- DGAULT (DAGAULT@AOL.COM), May 07, 1999.


-- Johnny (, May 07, 1999.

Your telephone directory should have a section on emergency preparedness, which should include information on how to store and purify water using common household bleach.

I don't see any problem with the wine bottles, but the corks may pose a problem. The wine that soaked into them before the bottles were emptied may have dormant bacteria that could "awaken" when moistened. You might want to consider a viable substitute for the corks.

The general rule-of-thumb for water is one quart for drinking each day. That includes using it for other beverages (tea, juices, etc.) That's the water that must be kept purified. All other uses (bathing, cooking utensil cleaning, etc.) need not be kept drinkable.

Naturally, the larger you are, the more water you will need to keep hydrated. Same for heavy activity.

-- LP (, May 08, 1999.

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