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I want to buy a powerful NLE system and I was thinking about the new Mac G3. Do you recommend the basic 300MHz. configuration? How much time of footage can I store with its 6GB limit? And in the 400mHZ. side, how much time can I store in the 9GB Ultra SCSI hard drive?

-- Antonio Bunt (, May 11, 1999


Mac G3 for editing

I just bought the MAC G3 but was advised to go for the 350MHz with an extra 128ram and then get an extra 25GB harddrive (from Promax about $500) That total 31GB will allow you to capture about 2 hours of DV footage. Final cut pro is a great new editing software aswell. Good luck. Cla

-- Claire Stansfield (, May 11, 1999.

Using the B&W firewire interface with your miniDV camcorder will dump about 3.7 megs of data for every second of video. I've been using DigitalOrigins ( editDV 1.5 software, along with my Sony TRV900 camcorder and the results have been stunning and it's a peice of cake to use. I had to go out and grab a IBM Deskstar 22GXP (22 gig IDE drive) which runs at 7200 rpm and I've been in business ever since! I have a 350 model which comes with a stock 6GB drive, this drive captures at an avarge rate of 14-15MB/sec where the IBM drive is constantly at 24MB/s. Anyway, the MHz is more a factor when rendering video with transitions, etc. So in short, yeah get the highest speed processor your budget will allow.


-- Patrick (, May 16, 1999.

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