y2k Health and Harmony Booth needs funding

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Hi everyone! It's Fred again from Sebastopol. I am taking this opportunity to reach out and see if someone has some old money laying around. I would even take some new money, gold coins or salt if it was accepted as legal tender. As itturns out, there are now somewhere over twenty folks volunteering their time, materials, and good energys to make this Health and Harmony Faire Y2K Booth come into substance. Many of these folks live fairly close to the edge financially speaking (who knows maybe they are near the edge psychologically speaking, I should know , I'm the guy with the graduate degree in clinical psychology) and don't have funds enough to pay for a banner to identify us, to pay for paper to print flyers on, to pay the printer, to pay for soda's and bottled water for the booth volunteers, and on and on.

So, I am asking you all to reflect and see if you know some one who is willing to gift us with a couple a bucks ($200.oo should do) so that we can put up a professional booth that represents us all to the many people that will come forth to join our educational effort or just pick up a flyer. I am willing to manage the funds or locate someone who will. Either I , or that person will provide an accurate accounting for any of you that ask. If Ya got questions give me a call. Fred 823-8166

-- fred beeler (fbeeler@yahoo.com), May 13, 1999

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