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I need to leave my house in Santa Rosa before the end of June. I'd like to move into the countryside, to live in a location which, if it's not off the grid, totally sustainable, and remote, is at least conducive to non-grid living (ie, well and septic) somewhat sustainable (ie, garden, fruit trees) and favorably located (ie, neighbors prepared, friendly).

Additionally, I want to live near - or with, if necessary - other mature, co-operative, conscious, capable, and politically/socially progressive types (I am a 47 yearold feminist). I'd like to join forces with folk who have some resources and are thoroughly educated about and well prepared for Y2K, but find themselves without the partner/friend/family/tribe we all need to insure security and abundance in the months ahead. I'm looking for people I can count on and be accountable to, people with whom to form a bond that will carry us through the stressful Y2K transition and into a peaceful and satisfying future.

If you, or someone you know, has such a place and/or is such a person, please get in touch. Thanks.

-- (, May 14, 1999

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