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I was wondering what is available in the form of software or an actual piece of equipment that allows a user to easily create Hollywood like bluescreen effects. In other words, how can I tape a scene on a blue background and then change what is in the background? If you know of any cheap programs or editors that allow this to be done well, contact me- jknowles@mwt.net

-- Tyler Knowles (jknowles@mwt.net), May 15, 1999


i use premiere for this. this week i'm using it. it's a fairly easy process. we shot the video on a tvr900 and i use dvrex as a capture card. we used a bright green screen and it worked great. premiere has about a dozen "blue screen" fiters. premiere is about $300-$600 depending on where you find it. good luck

-- josh jernigan (meluvoliverstone@hotmail.com), June 06, 1999.

Go to www.Ultimatte.com

-- Jacko (mcmanimation@hotmail.com), June 18, 1999.

Adobe After Effects, does it too, but I think thats only the "Productiopn Bundle" version. Check www.adobe.com

-- Daniel Kouts (daniel@filmgraphics.com), July 13, 1999.

Adobe After Effects does offer chroma keying. The Production Bundle offer more advanced chroma keying.

-- Bao (bao007@hotmail.com), November 24, 1999.

After Effects will let you pull keys from bluescreen pretty well. Just remember to hit your subject from behind with a light opposite the color of the key screen, especially since DV is going to maul your color space.

-- John Courte (stjohn@openbar.com), September 11, 2000.

I assume your using a PC? Final Cut Pro for Macintosh works great for bluescreening.

-- Bob I Green (boronxchem@aol.com), May 18, 2001.

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