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5-18-99 Y2k ( Year 2000 , Millenium Bug ) News Report Brief Mention of Looming Banking Crisis in a Report on the United Nations DC Y2K Weather Report #119 Democrats Shoot Down Y2K Vote Egypt Scrambles To Prepare For Y2k FED Adopts Old Don Adams Routine. 95% of U.S. Banks Will Be Compliant in 6 Weeks. Uhh, Would You Believe.. Finding No Check in the Mail Can Feed Suspicions About Direct Deposit Forces face Y2K bug GM to pay EDS bonus for Y2K success Legislation Meets Remediation Lions and Tigers and Scams! National Public Radio Real Audio Y2k News Russia Not Prepared for Y2K Computer Problem Sun Provides Y2K Warranty For Resellers The Life Cycle of Money Thousands lose right to jury trial Y2K allegations

-- Tracy Fletcher (, May 19, 1999

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