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Sorry to be redundant but I can't find an answer in the archive. I know we should use food grade buckets because of some outgassing issue. My questions - what are the effects of this outgassing? Death? Or just a bad taste? Will "airing" the food get rid of this stuff that's released. All my grain is in mylar bags and then in plastic pails. But I'm not 100% sure that every pail is food grade. And what if I get a tiny leak in the bag. Face it...using an iron to seal the bag is a bit un-scientific. thanks

-- rick (, May 19, 1999


Rick --

Do you know the mil.s spec for your mylar. I'm looking at 2 - 5 mil, but I'd prefer not to spend to much time experimenting.

The thinner grade will be easier to seal and should work fine but, I was looking for validation.

I will probably *dry run* pressure test a few to make sure the seals are uniform and tight. Thinking of using a double seal approach with a hot pizza cutter, and yes I can control the temp. as soon as I find out the optimum temperature range. I really hate this "mother" of invention.

-- unspun@lright (, May 19, 1999.

No I don't know the specs but will find out. Standard bags from

-- (, May 19, 1999.

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