?A funny Y2K disaster?!!

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Be CAREFUL! My close relative and recently ex-intel big wig, who has been downplaying the whole y2k thing, apparently just had a change of mindset. A propane generator plant, total automatic circuit switchover, massive water bottle stock, stockroom, back-up this and that, etc., which I think is really great. He's on a crash course of preparation. The contractor, who did the whole circuitry/powerplant retrofit, just tested the system. Boom, smoke, nightmare, fry, fry, chaos and panic! The computers, the satelite dish, the VCRs, scanners, printers and who knows what all may be toast!!! This back-up system is not only expensive, but this contractor will now be replacing a lot of stuff. Good insurance I hope, on the part of the contractor. Needless to say, my relative and his family were/are mighty distressed right now. I would suggest unplugging everything before this type of system is tested or turned on. Does anyone have an idea of what may have gone wrong? Or did they just get someone who made a big booboo? The pictures of the system looked rather impressive to me. No more e-mail from them for awhile. Johan

-- johan (reisch@c-zone.net), May 19, 1999


It sounds to me that the electrical contractor tied the 240 volt output to the 120 volt system. That's just about the only thing I can think of that would produce a goodly display of 'arcin and a sparkin'.

-- David (C.D@I.N), May 19, 1999.

Somebody could have goofed on the model number of the gen set. If this fellow was putting out big bucks, he might have bought a nice Kohler, Winco, or other big time 3 or 4 cylinder unit. Those big industrial units come with about a dozen different gensets for the same wattage/engine size. Ie. 120/240 single phase is just one little model # or letter different than a 120/205 three phase, or a 440/880, or whatever. Then there are the 12 wire generator sets that allow you to pick an choose, you really do need to choose the right three wires on them!

Or if it was a 120/240 output, but if he swapped the center wire with one of the outside wire legs, that would have fried half of the house with 240 but could also fry the other side with 120 where 0 should have been on any miswired appliances or outlets.


-- Ken Seger (kenseger@earthlink.net), May 19, 1999.

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