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Is anyone familar with any Spanish Furniture in the art deco style? We have a bedroom set that appears to date from the '30s, (have found some paper items hidden inside that indicate this) but can find no reference to Spanish art deco in any books or on the internet. Please help. all our best, Robert & Judy Taylor Austin, Texas

-- Robert R. Taylor (, May 21, 1999


I have a very large collection of books on art deco but I have never seen one dealing with spanish furniture from that period. Neither am I aware of any work dealing with art deco in Spain. There is however a book on graphic design in Spain called Deco Espana by S Heller and L Fili, one of the excellent Chronicle Book series on art deco graphics, which you might like to look at if you have not seen it already.

Art Deco was popular in South America, particularly Argentina, is it possible that your piece came from there?

Art Deco Ireland at has a list of books about art deco.

-- R Bradshaw (, August 02, 1999.

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