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I wish I had found this source before storing what I already have! They were one of the vendors at the Y2K Prep. Expo. a few months ago in Seattle. A friend sampled their products, then told me and I placed a small order last month. Now, everyone I give samples to is ordering it, too. The product line is called "Brain Garden," and the company is "Whole Living, Inc." You can phone them at 1-800-984-2263. You can ask them for a catalog and a price list. If you want to order a product, you can give them my number: 61883. There is no entry fee to be just a customer and you still pay the wholesale price. They will assign you your own number after your first order. Later, if you want, you can enroll as a distributor with the opportunity to earn bonuses. But there is NO pressure to do so. This is food that needs no cooking and has 6 - 9 months storage life. I tried the raspberry "Sweet Pulse" and the Anasazi "Parched Pulse" for my first order. The former is a dried fruit, nut, grain mix; the later a vegetable mix. The catalog describes the ingredients. At least try small sizes of something; you won't be sorry! Take my word as a nutritionist! Granny Holly

-- Hollaine Allen (, May 21, 1999


The declared storage life of "6-9 months" is not very long compared to the other long term storage products available elsewhere. I like the sound of "minimum ten years shelf life". Or at least "good until the year 2005".

-- dinosaur (, June 01, 1999.

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