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I have found a good TVP source. The man who sold me my wood burning stove, sold his antique car for a large supply of this product. He took a truckload of it to Oklahoma last week and supports his local community meals on wheels.

A year's supply for a family of four fills two 33 gallon buckets. There are three varieties: chicken, beef, and hamburger mix. None of these has any meat products or by products in them. It contains the heart of the soybean, a small amount of other veggies for flavoring, and seasonings. I've taste tested it...made some chili, chicken salad, and stew from it. It's actually good for everyday comsumption (my husband and grandchildren liked it, and we are now substituting it for meat -- it's also less expensive than meat).

So I've become a distributor. The cost is $275 per bucket, now. The price is scheduled to rise by the end of June). Note: I am not a big time food distributor, just found something that tastes good, is nutritious, and makes financial sense in terms of cost per meal. This is especially good for those who are cooking-challenged. If anyone is interested in more information, email me.

-- Shelia (, May 21, 1999


Correction to the above: the product comes pre-packaged in 6 gallon buckets that weigh 33lbs. --- they have a shelf life of 18 months after opening.

-- Shelia (, May 22, 1999.

$275 for a six gallon bucket of soy product? Boy, I'm in the wrong business...!

A client of mine sells TVP. Tells me the plain meat is kinda gross tasting but the taco flavored meat is fabulous, better than most real taco meat. (Maybe flavor and texture vary from brand to brand.)

Y2K Pop Quiz: yes but can you make Taco TVP from your bulk soybeans? :-)

I hope you're coming to the Fort Worth get-together today Shelia.

PJ in TX

-- PJ Gaenir (, May 22, 1999.

Shelia, I'm afraid PJ is right. That price is way too high. Lumen Foods, a highly reputable company for many years before Y2K was an issue, has 250-serving, 6-gall buckets of complete meals (spaghetti and beef sauce, beef stew, chicken noodle dinner, Texas chili, Hungarian goulash, etc.) for about $70-75. They're mylar-packed with oxygen absorbers. They use a concentrated soybean protein, a much better product than TVP.

-- Old Git (, May 22, 1999.

Shelia... may I ask how much per pound are you charging for the TVP?

-- Feller (, May 22, 1999.

I can buy TVP at whole foods market. No flavor, just plain TVP for 1.39 per lb. Taco, chicken, beef or whatever must be a flavor unworthy of the mark-up. Whole foods is the biggest rip-off health food grocery food chain known in the U.S. and can still sell TVP in bulk for 1.39. This indicates something about profiteering and Y2K. Maybe there is a middleman here that needs to be removed from this deal. There probably is a whole foods near any one of the forum viewers, if not, you can call them up or lookem up at

sincerly, feller

-- Feller (, May 22, 1999.

.....ruthless....blown right outta the water.....they pull no punches here,'eh,Shelia?

-- zoobie (, May 22, 1999.

Ruthless....that's a taurian thing. I'm a scorpio...the opposite of a taurus. I just returned from whole foods right as of this moment. I just purchased 32 pounds of TVP for 42.26$ total. The TVP came in a 1 lb bag and each case was full of 8. With the 4 I purchased, I was given 5% off for each case. Well there You have it and I as well. Thanks for lighting a little burner under my butt, don't call me anal.

Sincerly, Feller

-- Feller (, May 22, 1999.

Wow! sounds like you guys have lots of good sources for TVP products. I was interested in this product mainly cause I knew it was available, and from a company not currently experiencing shipping/product availability issues. And I've tried the chunk's fine so long as you have your additives to soak it in (which most of us do). Lumens was one of the companies I thought was having shipment problems. But I guess I was wrong on that one.

I don't have any big interest in making bucks off of this (as I said before I'm not big on salemanship). Other independent reps are selling it for larger sums and the price is supposedly going up further in June. I think that is pretty close to insane...

The company for anyone interested is Global Market Village ( and they charge $349 per bucket, when you buy direct from them. They support a large food aid program to place like the Ivory Coast, Bosnia, Kosovo, and recently Frank took a truckload to Oklahoma. Most independent reps give 5% of profit to this endeavor. This particular orientation made it appealing to me in spite of the price.

Two 15kg. pails (33lbs dehydrated); reconstitute to 165kg each (330lbs). Makes 1200-1500 125g. servings. The products have an 18 month shelf life. The product is packaged in 6 gallon buckets (33lbs). Their site has all the information on this and the products.

-- Shelia (, May 22, 1999.

Even with the chance of being flamed, what is TVP?

-- thinkIcan (, May 23, 1999.

Ole Git: 'They use a concentrated soybean protein, a much better product than TVP.'

These products use only the 'heart' of the soybean, discarding the outer portion which is what causes some digestive problems for some people. I used to swear I was allergic to soybeans...never found any product made of soy that didn't bother me except for miso (which I love!). So when I first tried these it was mainly just to be polite. But I've had no problems with these.

thinkIcan: TVP stands for Textured Vegetable Protein which actually could be any vegetable. In this case it is soybean primarily with some veggies added for flavor and vitamins. The main focus of this product is providing a nutritionally balanced protein meat substitute.

-- Shelia (, May 23, 1999.

I just want to add a few words here about my personal motivation. I basically jumped into this with both feet cause I think it's a good long term food storage product and worth it's cost.

I don't intend to do this for more than about a month. I also don't feel offended by any of the remarks made by others about the other options available out there. Go for what makes sense to you and my blessings to you all.

-- Shelia (, May 23, 1999.

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