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I'm a Director of Photography wanting to re-edit (i.e. update) my current ShowReel. I'd like to try doing this on a DV Non-Linear Editing System. If it works out well for my purposes, then I want to go ahead and build my own NLE system on my home computer. I guess you'd call it a kind of a test run before forking out the big bucks. High quality and presentation are key issues. So if anyone wants with a DV based NLE would like to help me out as an editor, I will return the favor in kind. My source material is 22 minutes (originally film, now on Betacam SP) going to about 13 minutes. Nothing fancy, or especially time consuming required. It should take no longer than an afternoon or evening's work (I guess about 4 hours?). You can check out my web site < > for details of my background. I'm in the Los Angeles area. So if you are able to lend a hand, please get in touch . Many Thanks!

-- Peter Gray (, May 22, 1999

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