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I want to know if any one has soaked dry beans in soda, cola,ginger ale. Will it help with the G-s problem?

-- && (&&@&&.&), May 23, 1999


poole, you're an expert on gas...

-- Andy (, May 23, 1999.

Dear fellow bean buyers..... A friend (a formally trained chef) says that to reduce gassiness of beans do the following: soak the beans overnight, then in the morning, rinse beans, put in pot, cover with water, add a teaspoon of baking soda, bring to a boil, boil 15 minutes, remove from heat, drain off this water, cover with new water and cook till the beans are done, using whatever recipe you want.....

Also, eat beans more often, and your system will get used to it.

I don't eat enough beans to get used to it, so I am stocking up on BEANO. Costco sells a good size, much bigger than the teeny bottles they have at the grocery store.

good luck.

-- nobody (, May 23, 1999.


poole, you're an expert on gas.

Very true.

Which is why I figured out a long time ago that you are essentially a fart with fingers.

-- Stephen M. Poole, CET (, May 23, 1999.


Would you answer the Lady that is single and wonders what to do? Maybe you could explain why you are preped, but run ( kinda, it's down again ) a web site that is " debunking Y2k "? Has IDIOTS like crp?

What if you are wrong? Think about that, as hard as you've thought about how to debunk Y2k.

Got good fake ID?

-- CT (ct@no.yr), May 23, 1999.

ooooooooooh, wit and repartee...

changed the happy happy sunny sunny web site yet?

sleep well

-- Andy (, May 23, 1999.

Re gas from beans: search post list and archives for "epazote" and "beans." My bean book says don't rinse the beans because you wash out a lot of vitamins and nutrients that way.

-- Old Git (, May 23, 1999.

"a fart with fingers"!that's funny,infantile but funny.

-- zoobie (, May 23, 1999.

TO not have gas with beans. You need to buy a bean spoon. . It has a little ladder on the handle. You place spoonin the pot while cooking any kinds of beans, Don't remove the spoon. The spoon will take the gas out of the beans. The little "farts" will climb the ladder and jump over the side. Bought this sppon in Crystal Falls Mich.

-- Gayle Mattson (, May 23, 1999.

Good one Poole!

-- Unc D (, May 23, 1999.

When I cook my beans, I add fresh potatoes cut into large chunks. I also add fresh carrots cut into 3 inch pieces. I also add beef sausage cut into small pieces for flavor. The potatoes and carrots will take most of the gas out of the beans. And if you over salt the pot they will also absorb the extra salt.

I cook 8 lbs at a time and take them to work. Enough to feed 75 people. My co-workers flock to the boiler room at lunch time. They can smell them cooking. They all love them, and I have had no complaints in all the years I have been cooking them.

I have cooked them without the potatoes and carrots, and talk about gas. Whee-ho.

It does make a big difference.

Try it you will like it.

Got beans?

-- (, May 23, 1999.

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