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Has anyone else thought of growing mushrooms as an extra source of food? Some species can be grown in small areas, homes, garages, or that unused bunker. They can be dried for storage, and often use straw, wood chips, sugar cane bagasse (sugar cane that has been pressed), or similar less valuable materials.

-- Mad Monk (, May 24, 1999


I've been thinking about this too, especially as I have a shade garden. Where does one buy mushroom spore? What about mushroom "logs", are they a good deal? I seem to remember one can buy shitake mushroom logs because the spores are hard to start? Cheap sources?


-- seraphima (, May 24, 1999.

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Mad Monk, et al... FWIW...

"Fungi Perfecti" is/was an interesting company featured on Paul James' "Gardening by the Yard" ( Cable: HGTV ). Their demonstrated products appeared easy to use and fool-proof.

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"Fungi Perfecti. is a cutting-edge, environmentally friendly company specializing in cultures, tools and technologies for the cultivation of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. We offer everything for the mushroom enthusiast: ready-to-grow mushroom kits, mushroom spawn, MycoMedicinal. mushroom products, field guides, cultivation texts, sterile tissue culture tools and supplies, all the way to professional mushroom growing rooms and cultivation systems.

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This site is updated often, so stay in touch!

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Regards, Bob Mangus < >

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-- Robert Mangus (, May 24, 1999.

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-- Andy (, May 24, 1999.

Yes, We have ordered and planted (in freshly cut oak logs ) 2 orders of shitake mushrooms. We followed the directions in the book that came with them. Started by drilling holes in the logs, placing the spores in the holes and plugging the holes with hot wax.

Hope it works. We will not know until next spring.

I guess it might be a little to late to reorder. DO YOU THINK?


-- bulldog (, May 24, 1999.

doing it right from a spore print is a LOT of work.getting un corrupted mycelium is next to impossible without an airtight glovebox.there's just too much ubiquitous spore in every breath we take.

-- zoobie (, May 24, 1999.

This is a funny place to talk about mushrooms. Mushrooms are a good flavor enhancer, but, they are a terrible food source. Very few nutrients. If you are talking about food storage, find something else to store that has more return for the dollar.

-- John Layman (, May 24, 1999.

Don't pick wild mushrooms without a good guide!

Stropharia spp. are said to have virtues other than nutritional.

-- Absentminded (, May 24, 1999.

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