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Anyone care to recommend a portable or counter-top water purifier and/or soy protein powder without sugar in it? Preferably available at local stores instead of via MLM companies.

-- (prepping@home.sum), May 25, 1999


Prep, for soy protein powder, we use the NOW brand 90%Soy protein. 1lb plastic HDPE container sells for 5.95 or thereabouts. Got it at local health food supermarket. Ingredients listed as Supro 90%soy protein isolate, nothing else listed. On nutritional data table, total carbs listed as "0 gm" so I am assuming from this there is no sugar or fructose. I just bought el cheapo Rubbermaid 1 gal drip water purification pitcher from Walmart today,$8.97, carbon filter included. Refill filter cartridges run $6.96 at WallyWorld and the filters do 50 gals., or so they say. Anyway, I know it won't filter out the cryptosporidium and giardia bugs but we've got another one for that. This is just because our tap water tastes so full of chlorine that we don't drink enough so thought this might help. Mainly it filters 98%chlorine and lead. Using it for first time today, and the water is tasting good. Even my kids are wanting to drink the "filtered water!" Hope this is useful.

-- Barb (awaltrip@telepath.com), May 26, 1999.

Try this site. ...... http://www.pwgazette.com/gravity.htm Here you can get the filter candles that go into MANY gravity feed units for a SONG, and they even have 2 gravity/syphon systems for a song.

Water filter site

-- Chuck, a night driver (rienzoo@en.com), May 26, 1999.

I can get Central Soya's "Promax 70L" pure soy protein concentrate at about $2.50/lb in qty (45-lb sacks); I selected this prep because it had the highest level of isoflavones (2+ mgs/gram) of any of the commonly available and inexpensive soy protein preps. (I am convinced that the isoflavones have important health-protective properties.) Drop me an email if you are interested.

-- alan (aelewis@provide.net), May 26, 1999.

Get a Berkley filter - 60,000 gallons of filtered water, gravity oriented- good for the price. It's what the Red Cross and disaster teams use in 3rd world countries. Cleans many many contaminants at 99.9% to 100% efficiency.

-- karen (karen@karen.karen), May 26, 1999.

I bought a Berky and I love it. So does my wife.


-- Walt (longyear@shentel.net), May 26, 1999.

Does anyone know where to get a good deal on a Berkey? Seems like everyone is charging the exact same price, either 259 for the smaller one, and 279 for the big berkey.......Anyone?

-- nobody (nobody@nowhere.net), May 26, 1999.

The link Chuck gave above is a really great place to buy a serious water filter or purification system. We bought a setup that uses the sterasyl Doulton candle filters (the things inside the British Berkefield type gravity filters that do the work) for$62.00. Its a siphon filter. We got two of the Doulton filters with one set of tubing that attaches to the port for siphoning. This one is for the pond water or rain water that we may have to use. The El cheapo Rubbermaid is for the chlorinated water out of our storage barrels. Anyway, we're pleased with the products and service of Pure Water Products in Denton, Tx.

-- Barb (awaltrip@telepath.com), May 26, 1999.

One of the reasons why I like the Berky is that it's portable. I had a reverse osmosis system once. It worked well. But there's not only the cost of buying a reverse osmosis system, there's a cost to install it. When we sold our house, we left the reverse osmosis system behind.

The Berky sits on our kitchen counter. If I want to move it, I move it. There is no installation cost. No drilling holes into your sink for a water spigot.

I always know how much clean water is in the Berky tank... I simply look. You can't do that with a reverse osmosis tank.

I don't think there is any Berky "discount" store. Safe-Water.com is who sold me mine. They are honest and reliable. You can reach them at this site:


-- Walt (longyear@shentel.net), May 26, 1999.

http://www.safe- water.com/ap/a273sw/index.html

-- karen (karen@karen.karen), May 26, 1999.

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