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This is an appeal for those of you that have not offered assistance on the Health and Harmony booth. We need funds for printing and for passes for the volunteers holding down the booth. Alicia, Jean, Alan, Peter, Maria, John, Sophia, Lisa, Peter F., Jan pat, Eliza, Rhonda,Bob, Helen, Sunny, Steve, Leann, Malika and I have made a committment to serve the people by educating, planning, creating dispalys, offering to pass out 12,000 booklets, collecting construction materials, and probably more.

Some of us just barely get by financially. Some of us are not enough. I appeal to those of you left that have not called in and offered assistance to provide us funds for printing, and passes. It turns out that we only have four passes for booth helpers. At $15.oo per head, we need no less than 21 times that . Please reflect on the limits of those of us doing the work. Please reflect on the numbers of you gathering information via this format. Wouldn't you say were a little out of balance here with 100's of folks comming to meetings all across our county. Take this request to your heart and reflect on what yet needs to be done with your neighbors and folks blocks away. This is a request to remember invisioning community. Thanks , Fred

-- fred beeler (, May 26, 1999


Fred....Couldn't get you by phone when a similar request was made a couple of weeks ago. We would, however, like to help financially. I'm sure there are others. Could you please post a message with a mailing address we can use to submit a "monetary response" without trying to get through by phone?

Thanks to all of you. If you need any special graphic us. We've been doing Graphic Design for 25 years.

Bill Grey & Cynthia Brush

-- Bill Grey (, May 26, 1999.

Happy to help.

Where can people mail contributions?

Thank-you for your important work.

-- Jordan Pease (, May 26, 1999.

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