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Will grind wheat, corn (including popcorn, I tried!).

Very rugged, and affordable. My last batch went for $36-$37 each.

My About Me page on eBay

-- Ron Schwarz (, May 26, 1999


I have a it! the best place to buy one is from one of the many good beer "home-brewing" shops on the net -- not from y2k sites!!! The price differences are dramatic...

-- doug (, May 26, 1999.

I bought mine (my original Corona) from a brewing supplier, and got a good price, but... it was about 40 bucks. If you check the ebay link, you'll see that they're going for much less right now!

-- Ron Schwarz (, May 27, 1999.

In case anyone wants to read a few specs, here's a link: Corona Grain Mill

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), May 27, 1999.

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