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Someone was kind enough to point out that I failed to provide an address to mail booth funds to. For now, I want to thank the six folks that emailed me personally. I will tell you what I wrote them, Please mail funds to my address 699 gravenstein Hwy. North, #58, Sebastopol, Ca. 95472-2835. I will then get the funds to the folks that need it for printing or materials for the booth. We cannot sell any thing at the faire since we were gifted it. However, we can set out a donations can. If we get enough to cover costs, I will return funds to those of you helping us. So, please make sure you provide me with a return name and address or phone or email number if you make a donation. I thank you for your trust in this matter and presume that your contributions may just make some adjustments for familys in Sonoma county a little easier with the education documents we will distribute. Thanks Fred Beeler

-- fred beeler (fbeeler@yahoo.com), May 27, 1999

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