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Editor neede in Cambridge Uk (no salary) to edit near 30 hour VHS footage shot in Inida. Suggestions on compilation of footage (the serialisation of visual, audio, further break-up etc.) welcome.

-- Manish Tiwary (mt220@cam.ac.uk), May 27, 1999


Exactly WHY should an editor be willing to help you sort through 30 hours of footage FOR FREE!

-- elvis eleven (Elviseleven@aol.com), November 22, 1999.


found anybody yet?

-- DV500 User (snowboard35@aol.com), November 03, 2001.

I'll do it. When and where do you want to meet?


-- Lenny Brusco (tygger@usa.com), March 23, 2002.

Thank you all. Found the editor, did the film, Ramnagar, showed it in a few film festivals, archived it in a dozen odd universities, and 'm over with it.

And yes, two generous editors helped, without charges: Dana Kahil, and Julia Riding.

-- Manish Tiwary (manish.tiwary@fao.org), September 24, 2002.

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