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The student society I am part of is planning to buy a DV camera: can people suggest the best buys (pl. give reasons). The budget is around UK # 2,000.

-- Manish Tiwary (mt220@cam.ac.uk), May 27, 1999


I suggest the Sony vx-1000. It has 500 line res. and is a 3ccd digital camcorder. it's pretty cheap right now on ebay for about $2,000 used and is a perfect intro pro/sumer camera.... p.s also if your going for a film look it can do that too.

-- John Metcalf (fliptrickmaster@netscape.net), August 05, 2000.

canon and a whole bunch of others

-- Ande Kelly (ande_kelly@gov.gc.mb.ca), February 04, 2001.

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