Century Optics 16:9 Anamorphic lens and the GVD-300

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Hello all

Comments invited from anybody who has used the Century Optics 16:9 anamorphic lens for the Sony DV cams.

Can the GVD-300/900 play back and edit DVCam tapes? I am buying a DSR-PD100.

-- Rene Z. (renequan@bigfoot.com), June 06, 1999


I'm using the Century Optics 16:9 anamorphic adapter lens on a Sony PD150. The focus looks soft in the normally sharp viewfinder, but it seems to come out ok when played back on a high res monitor in 16:9 mode. The image is a ton better than using the in-camera 16:9 mode. I'd assume that taking along the monitor in the field would help with focusing, but in most cases its inconvenient. Anyone else? -george

-- George Moore (gmoore@mos.org), June 25, 2001.

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