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These were found at a central NC Big Lots:

French roast bean coffee, vac. packed (good, too!), 10oz/99c

Canned pound cake, 16oz/2.99

Herbal Essence Shampoo, 1.99

Charmin TP (suitable for septic tanks too), roll/39

Various good buys on various soups, pasta sauces, pasta

Good buys on plastic storage and baskets

Big 6v batteries, suitable for lanterns, (Bossman brand) 2/3.97

Many other good stash buys, too numerous to mention

-- Old Git (, June 06, 1999


Old Git,

I love Big Lots! I have found some great deals on nice, heavy baking pans there (casserole,bread and cake). I am buying these pans for baking on the grill or outside. I think they will take the abuse better than some of my regular pans.

-- Dian (, June 06, 1999.

Old Git, you're right. Many good stash buys. They have canned goods that are a little unusual and good prices. We got black bean soup, vegetable broth, Chi-Chi's salsa verde (good with beans and tortillas), tropical fruit salad, pork bar-b-que that's not too bad in the fat department, small cans of salmon, kippered fish filets to name a few. We check it out every couple of weeks to see what they've gotten in new. Dollar General is another good one to keep an eye on.

mb in NC

-- mb (, June 06, 1999.

Old Git, isn't it amazing which threads get all of the attention? Not the news articles, and rarely the prep threads. Maybe the folks here just want to argue? Must be time for me to take a little break and work on my own preps some more.

-- Gayla Dunbar (, June 06, 1999.

Hi, Big Lots fans!

I should have mentioned too that BL has fishing supplies, gardening stuff, all KINDS of hardware, automotive, instant soups, rice dishes, and oatmeal, kitchen and trash bags, kitchen stuff, cleaners, laundry stuff, linens, clothing, toys, books, furniture, OTC, bath and beauty items, batteries, candy, cookies, crackers, candles, gift wrap, cards, furniture, and I know I must have missed several thousand things. I LOVE this place and can always drop $50--and come out with bags and bags of useful, practical stuff! Check out that little locked section under the customer service desk, too, found a very good BP monitor for my Dad for $20.

Gayla, we're getting ready to take the house off the market (unless it sells between now and the 15th - ha!). I've got tons of things to do, not the least of which is building tons of shelves for the emergency supplies we have in the rented storage room as well as stashed at a friend's house. Then there's all our beloved "clutter" to bring home and find a place for. (Now you know why I mentioned the plastic storage stuff from BL.) I guess I'll be dropping out of sight sometime this week, at least for a few weeks.

With time in such short supply for everyone, maybe it's time to go through the archives and find some of the oldies but goodies and kick them to the top for the newbies. Bet there are a few lurking around tonight. Think I'll do that now. Y'all have a go too!

-- Old Git (, June 06, 1999.

Old Git,

My wife turned me into a big lots, ollies, shopper many moons ago. All our pet (great danes) toys/chews come from there (and boy do they go through them). Many odd tools, paints, cleaners, trinket jewlery, christmas supplies, paper supplies, etc..

-- R. Wright (, June 06, 1999.

I was at Big Lots this week. They had cases of regular quart canning jars for $3.99 - lowest price for new I've seen lately. Did not see pints, nor wide mouth jars. They also had a good supply of extra lids.

-- Wilferd (, June 07, 1999.

I'm a Big Lots regular - I've a $20/month habit.

One caution: be very careful when purchasing food & OTC medicines at BL. More times than I can count I've found outdated product on the shelves.

Best buy recently was an off-brand bar soap marked down to 4 bars/ $0.45!

Also, long-necked butane lighters $0.99, insulated winter gloves $1, ski masks $1, fireplace matches 60/$1, qt. zip locks 20/$0.74, vegetable seed packets 10/$1.

Best Wishes,

-- Bingo1 (, June 07, 1999.

Old Git,

What part of NC are you in?

In in the Triad (GSO, W-S, HP) area.

-- (, June 07, 1999.

That should read:

I'm in the Triad (GSO, W-S, HP) area.

-- (, June 07, 1999.

Our Big Lots has the wide mouth pints and quarts, best prices in town! What I don't see are lids :-(

-- Dian (, June 07, 1999.

The Big Lots in our town in Georgia has 1lb. pepperoni packed to be fresh until 2001. They are very high quality and if you like pepperoni you know it is expensive. This was 3.49ea. Happy Shopping

-- linda benson (, July 09, 1999.

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