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Nuclear Power Plants facing shutdown if not compliant.Monitor your favorite nuke plant here!!!!

-- treading litely (, June 06, 1999


heard a rumor that all the nuclear plants are going to shut down in the u.s. by july. someone said this was on CNN....anyone have the facts about what was said in this report? email or post here.

-- jsj (, June 06, 1999.

the nrc is probably too chicken-sh*t to do anything

-- zoobie (, June 06, 1999.

or is it unacceptable to use "*"'s in place of vowels to placate the forum censors?

-- zoobie (, June 06, 1999.

My understanding of the situation is that no plants will be shut down until at least October. I think that information was from Hoffmeister. Feel free to add what you know if I'm misquoting you, Hoff.

Another recent thread about July 1st is at:

-- Linkmeister (, June 06, 1999.

Several significant discussions on this issue have occurred here in the past. Maybe someone can help me with pointers.

As I recall, the basic thrust is that nuclears plants do not need to be ready by July - only that by July, they can claim that they will be ready.

At least part of the reason for this seems to be the reasonable need to perform some remediation during normally scheduled plant shutdown times. For many facilities, this time is late summer or fall after peak summer usage has dropped.

Regardless of the actual situation 'on the ground', I can't imagine any plant saying "No, we do not antipate being ready by Jan 1, 2000"

Thus, I believe that the July 1, 1999 deadline will come and go without much real impact.

Of course, I could be wrong.

-- Arnie Rimmer (, June 06, 1999.


-- Foum Censor (, June 06, 1999.

i have been informed that an area nuclear power plant is going to shut down because of y2k. the nerc is going to say its a drill. whether or not these event occur only time will tell. i know the nerc is currently planning an onsite audit next week.

-- ima (not@this.address), June 06, 1999.

NRC might have said that last year. But, you know how all of these deadlines have been slipping. Looks like it won't happen in July - not enough time to digest June 30 results. Last I heard it was September.

From NRC FAQ's

2.What is the NRC doing to ensure all operating nuclear power plants are Y2K ready before the millennium?

NRC inspectors will review Y2K activities at all 103 nuclear power plants between April and June 30. During this same time, there also will be an in-depth review of contingency planning efforts at six licensees, different from those in the initial 12 audits. Results of all reviews will be made publicly available and posted on the NRC Y2K website ...

By July 1, all licensees must affirm to NRC that their facilities are Y2K ready. For any plant not ready, the licensee must provide a status and schedule of the remaining tasks to be performed in order for the plant to be Y2K ready before January 1, 2000. According to industry sources, there may be as many as 17 plants that are not Y2K ready by July 1. Based on the review of information provided by those not ready, the NRC will take appropriate action such as additional audits, onsite reviews, inspections, or meetings. Sufficient time is available for the NRC to make any necessary decision on plant operation on January 1, 2000.

The NRC staff considers the NRC Year 2000 Contingency Plan to be a rapidly evolving product, subject to anticipated but very necessary coordination efforts with other Federal agencies and with NRC licensees. To initiate this coordination effort, the plan is being made available to the public at this time in order to promote valuable communication and dialogue regarding the proposals discussed therein.

GEE ... I didn't realize that Canada & U.S. are on the SAME grid (except for Quebec grid)!!!

-- Cheryl (, June 06, 1999.

Dear Ima, Why don't you give us the name of the nuke plant,that way we can all be on the lookout to track it.

-- treading litely (, June 06, 1999.

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