PC Week focusses on several Wisconsin businesses

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Y2K Odyssey: Expect the Unexpected links to 5 other stories as well. As usual, a mix of good news sprinkled with lots of caveats.


Aurora's Steinman is one of many IT managers who at first confronted Y2K expecting to find a cloud of hype, but whose efforts quickly uncovered a genuine and massive problem. "If nobody had paid attention to this," Steinman said, "it would have been an enormous disaster. If we hadn't spent $20 million, we would have crashed and burned."...

"We haven't had to spend a single dollar on Y2K remediation of any of our aircraft," said John Yowell, Midwest Express Airlines Inc.'s year 2000 project manager, in a meeting at Midwest's headquarters in Oak Creek, within sight of Milwaukee's airport. "We've finished our comprehensive review of all aircraft components that affect safety of flight, and we have no issues whatsoever."...

One of the stories is about the Department of Workforce Development, which, according to the story, started in 1988(!), and still has a lot of work to do (supply chain dependencies).

Recommended reading. Living in Wisconsin, it actually made me feel a wee bit better about much of the work going on in Badgerland. Now, what about all those companies not featured?

-- Steve (hartsman@ticon.net), June 08, 1999

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