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Everyone uses the phrase "Store in a coold, dry place" when recommending the optimum food storage environment.

If we are without power for extended periods of time, what is the best way to meet that "cool, dry" requirement, if you live in a warm climate?

We are even thinking of digging into a hill to create a cold cellar, of sorts. What are you sunny spot dwellers doing?

-- Sara Nealy (, June 14, 1999


There is not much temperature difference of root cellars in the north or the southern states. has plans for various types of root cellars in their info section.

-- Ken Seger (, June 14, 1999.

I saw a video on Permaculture a few months ago that showed an earth-cooled "refrigerator". Basic idea was to bury pipes down in the ground, and vent them into a shelved pantry area so that warm air was always going out the top, pulling in earth cooled air from below. Looked like a really great idea. Has anyone seen plans for something like this?

-- Linda (, June 14, 1999.

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